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What is the statute of limitations on speeding ticket in new york state?

Aggie80 says: None, once a ticket has been issued, you have received official notice of the 'crime.' That eliminates the purpose of a statute of limitations. In most cases, if (MORE)

What is the statute of limitations on phone bill in New York?

That statute of limitations on any type of bill in New York is 6 years. This doesn't mean they have to quit calling you to try to collect, or that they can no longer report on (MORE)

What is the Statute of limitation for judgment in New York?

Answer . Six years is that Statue of limitations for any debt. But when it is placed in judgement form, it is different. This becomes part of the public records. I am un (MORE)

Statute of limitations on a judgment in New York state?

The SOL in NY state FOR A JUDGEMENT is 10 years.. To make matters worse, they can charge interest as well, up to 8%. I'm not sure for NY but most Courts allow for the Plainti (MORE)

The statute of limitation for physical assault in new york state?

Currently the statute states 5 years if you are known to police and have evaded arrest. If police do not know who you are at present but have evidence that may implicate you (MORE)

Statute of limitation for assault in New York state?

The Statute of Limitations for felonies in New York state is normally 5 years, when the identity of the suspect is unknown it is extended a further five years to 10 years. Sta (MORE)

What is the statute of limitations for spousal abuse in New York?

I'm assuming you mean for criminal charges. In that case, "spousal abuse" does not apply because there is no such criminal charge in New York. Rather, if your spouse hit you o (MORE)

What is Misdemeanor statute of limitations new york?

There is a statue of limitations for misdemeanors and felonys. but ONLY BEFORE ARREST. If it is AFTER ARREST, and you're going to court for it and end up bailing out, it turne (MORE)