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What are treatments for munchausen syndrome?

Please visit this website: I noticed links on the bottom which may be helpful. (MORE)
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Have a baby who has a tuner syndrome any treatment?

If you are asking can a baby who has Turner Syndrome get any treatment then the answer is no. BUT, you can help the baby get better though there is no cure. If done early enou (MORE)
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What are crack babies?

Crack babies are children born to mothers who used crack cocaine during pregnancy.. These children are thought to have impairments in their learning and cognitive abilities, (MORE)
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Treatment for Amotivational syndrome?

E. Jane Garland, Elizabeth A. Baerg. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology. June 2001, 11(2): 181-186. doi:10.1089/104454601750284090. . Disorders of diminished (MORE)
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Does Marfan syndrome have a treatment?

While there is no cure for Marfan Syndrome (because it is a genetic disorder), there are ranges of treatment options can decrease (and even sometimes prevent) complications.
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What is the treatment for couvade syndrome?

There is no standard mainstream treatment recommended for couvade syndrome because it is not usually mentioned in medical textbooks.
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What is the treatment for Prader-Willi syndrome?

No cure yet. Therapies to improve muscle tone and feeding techniques to improve weight gain. Strict control of food intake to prevent obesity (growth hormone therapy improves (MORE)
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What are the treatments for postpolio syndrome?

No treatments but relief of symptoms. Anti-inflammatory medications, hot packs, stretching exercises, and physical therapy. Possibly new braces, wheelchairs, motorized scooter (MORE)
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What are the treatments for tar syndrome?

I have TAR Syndrome and I asked my doctor if there's any treatmentsor a cure for it and he said that I would have to have surgery onmy arms and they would have to straighten m (MORE)
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What is the treatment for Reye syndrome?

There is no cure for Reye syndrome. Treatment is considered supportive, meaning that treatment is given to address the specific complications, in order to try to prevent progr (MORE)
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What is the treatment for shaken baby syndrome?

Initially, treatment is provided on an emergency basis. Life-saving measures can include stopping internal bleeding in the brain and relieving pressure that can build up in th (MORE)
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What is the treatment for thoracic outlet syndrome?

Neurologic TOS requires outpatient referral and conservative outpatient physiotherapy. Vascular thoracic outlet syndrome requires more urgent care that typically includes imme (MORE)
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What is the treatment for Klippel Feil syndrome?

More mildly affected individuals will require no treatment. Other individuals may need surgery to improve cervical stability, correct scoliosis, and improve any constriction o (MORE)
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What is the treatment for Moebius syndrome?

The ability to smile has been restored in some cases of Moebius syndrome by surgery which transfers nerve and muscle from the thigh to the face. Other surgeries can be used to (MORE)
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What is the focus of treatment for Goodpasture's syndrome?

Treatment is focused on slowing the progression of the disease. Treatment is most effective when begun early, before kidney function has deteriorated to a point where the kidn (MORE)
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What is the treatment for Behcet's syndrome?

Some of the current drugs used to treat Behcet's syndrome include corticosteroids, cyclosporine, azathioprine, chlorambucil, interferon alpha, thalidomide, levamisole and puls (MORE)
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What is the treatment for fragile X syndrome?

there is no cure for fragile X syndrome. Management includes such approaches as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. The expertise of psychologists, spe (MORE)
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What is the treatment for nephrotic syndrome?

Treatment depends on the underlying disorder which has caused nephrotic syndrome. Medications which dampen down the immune system are a mainstay of treatment. The first choice (MORE)
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What treatment is availabe for DiGeorge syndrome?

Children with DiGeorge syndrome should be kept on low-phosphorus diets and kept away from crowds or other sources of infection. They should not be immunized with vaccines made (MORE)
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What are the treatments to Turner's syndrome?

Turner's Syndrome is a chromosomal condition - which means that there are no cures. Some of the treatments which can help to minimize symptoms include growth hormone and estro (MORE)