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Who is BAC Home Loans Servicing LP?

BAC Home Loans Servicing, LLP is part of Bank of America. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They call (MORE)

What is the pH number for bac home loan service?

Wilshire Credit Corp. (a mort. servicer) has said that they have transferred our mort. to BAC Home Loans Servicing the number that Wilshire gave to me is 1-800-669-6607 My adv (MORE)

Ein for bac home loans servicing lp?

BAC Home Loans is not Countrywide. BAC Home Loans Servicing is the combined entity of Countrywide and Bank of America. What address are you looking for BAC? Payments? Go on (MORE)

How do you purchase a home owned by BAC home loan servicing?

You find out who in the lender's organization is responsible for placing the property with a broker and attempt to make an offer. If the property is foreclosed and the borrowe (MORE)

Is BAC Home Loan Servicing LP a fraud?

Yes, bac home loan servicing lp it's the bigger fraud in the history, they are country wide but with a different name now, so they continuo committing the same fraud that ange (MORE)
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Who is the agent for service of process of bac home loans?

BAC Home Loans Servicing LP was incorporated in many states, California included. As of present date the California registration has been canceled. Upon research of the SEC we (MORE)