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What is uncovertebral hypertrophy?

Uncovertebral hypertrophy is a type of spinal disorder and it issimilar to sclerosis. It basically is the narrowing of parts in thespine.
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What is a uncovertebral joint?

The uncovertebral joint is also known as the Luschka's joint. Theseare bone spurs that occur when the third through seventh cervicalvertebrae meet.
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Uncovertebral joint spurring?

Uncovertebral joint spurring occurs from the body's response fordiminishing spinal stability. Conditions that cause this includesosteoarthritis and disc degeneration.
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What is uncovertebral joint hypertrophy what is the cause?

The uncovertebral joints are in the neck between C3 - C7. Thesejoints are where the discs meet. Hypertrophy in these joints meansthat an unusually high number of bone spurs ar (MORE)
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What symptoms would be caused by a small posterior midline disk herniation at c5 and 6 With a mild narrowing of the left neural foramen at this level secondary to uncinate process hypertrophy?

Many patients with back pain, leg pain, or weakness of the lower extremity muscles are diagnosed with a herniated disc. When a disc herniation occurs, the cushion that sits be (MORE)
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How do you beat level 5c on Epsilon?

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What is uncovertebral joint arthropathy?

Uncovertebral joint arthropathy is a degenerative change of theuncovertebral joints. These joints are small synovial jointsbetween the lower cervical vertebrae and the superio (MORE)
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What is a uncovertebral joint osteophyte formation?

Uncovertebral joints, which are smaller joints out to the side where the vertebra normally approximate one other so they're further out laterally. This is a reasonably comple (MORE)
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What is higher a level 5a or 5c?

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What does left ventricular hypertrophy mean?

It means enlargement of the left ventricle of the heart. This is due to excess work done by the heart as in high blood pressure, damage to the heart muscle after heart attack, (MORE)
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Can Facet Joint Hypertrophy be caused by a car accident?

If the purport of this question is to determine liability for an accident may I suggest that the question be [ properly] directed not to a lawyer put to an expert orthopaedic (MORE)
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What is eccentric left ventricular hypertrophy?

Ventricular hypertrophy means a thickening of the ventricle walls. This can then be described as eccentric or concentric. Eccentric hypertrophy is where the wall thickens but (MORE)
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What is acromioclavicular joint capsular hypertrophy?

An acromioclavicular joint is a synovial joint that connects yourcollarbone to the shoulder blade. Acromioclavicular joint capsularhypertrophy is an n enlargement of the sac s (MORE)
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What is facet hypertrophy and uncovertebral hypertrophy?

Facet hypertrophy is when the spine's facet joints enlarge anddegenerate causing stiffness, discomfort, pain, mobility issues, orhunched back. Unconvertebral hypertrophy is wh (MORE)
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Is left ventricular hypertrophy fatal?

Left Ventricular Hypertrophy is enlargement of the myocardium (heart muscle) that makes up the left ventricle of the heart. The left ventricle is the chamber of the heart whic (MORE)
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What is uncinate hypertrophy in the c5 c6?

The C5 and C6 are numbers of vertebrae in the human spinal column.A uncinate hypertrophy is an arthritic growth of bone on the spinalcolumn.
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What is mild ac joint hypertrophy?

Mild hypertrophy of the AC, or acromioclavicular joint, refers toan overgrowth in the joint. This is often due to the inflammationassociated with osteoarthritis.