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What is facet hypertrophy?

Background/Anatomy The spine has 23 total pairs (46) of facet joints located at the back or rear portion of the spinal column. These are special gliding joints that are made (MORE)
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What is uncovertebral hypertrophy?

Uncovertebral hypertrophy is a type of spinal disorder and it issimilar to sclerosis. It basically is the narrowing of parts in thespine.
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What is mild facet hypertrophy and mild acquired spinal stenosis with disc bulge.?

Answer . Try to picture this.... The weight of the body is borne on your spine: The vertebra are the main weight-bearing structures, but there are bones on the back portio (MORE)
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Uncovertebral joint spurring?

Uncovertebral joint spurring occurs from the body's response fordiminishing spinal stability. Conditions that cause this includesosteoarthritis and disc degeneration.
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What is uncovertebral joint hypertrophy what is the cause?

The uncovertebral joints are in the neck between C3 - C7. Thesejoints are where the discs meet. Hypertrophy in these joints meansthat an unusually high number of bone spurs ar (MORE)
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What is uncovertebral spurring?

Uncovertebral spurring is also known as uncovertebral jointosteophytes or bone spurring. This happens when vertebral bodiesfrom the third to the seventh part of the cervical v (MORE)
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What is prominent uncovertebral spurring?

that means you have a bone spur on your vertebra somewhere -- mine are between c5 and c6 for example... prominent with or without disk bulge? need to make sure you know (MORE)
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Can Facet Joint Hypertrophy be caused by a car accident?

If the purport of this question is to determine liability for an accident may I suggest that the question be [ properly] directed not to a lawyer put to an expert orthopaedic (MORE)
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What is ligamentous and facet hypertrophy?

Facet hypertrophy is an enlargement of the facet and ligamentjoint. Nerves in the spine can come under pressure if it increases.
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What is facet hypertrophy and uncovertebral hypertrophy?

Facet hypertrophy is when the spine's facet joints enlarge anddegenerate causing stiffness, discomfort, pain, mobility issues, orhunched back. Unconvertebral hypertrophy is wh (MORE)
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What is degenerative facet hypertrophy?

Degenerative facet hypertrophy is an injury to the spine. It can beattributed to arthritis of the spine or an accident.
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What is mild hypertrophy of the right C3-C4 facet?

The C3 and C4 are 3rd and 4th cervical vertebra. They touch each other toward the posterior surface at the facets. The term mild hypertrophy means that there is a little more (MORE)
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What does narrowing disc space noted with facet hypertrophy mean in medical terms?

Hypertrophy is a medical term that means that something (muscle,liver tissue, ligament) is larger or greater than it wasoriginally. In this case, the term usually suggests th (MORE)