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What clothes did they wear in Spain?

one should wear not fancy but casual fancy clothing in Spain. one must never wear shorts in public. i i said casual fancy not formal fancy. JANE BROWN
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What type of clothes do people in Spain wear?

Well Spanish people are like everyone in the world, they are no different what so ever and in fact in Madrid they are ahead in fashion then most of the rest of the U.S. So wha (MORE)
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What kinds of clothing did the Iroquois wear?

The Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) mainly wore shirts, pants, leggings, robes, boots and capes. The men wore feathers in their hair and wore jewelry all over their bodies. Most of t (MORE)
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What kind of clothes did Egyptians wear?

Egyptians Wore Wool Of Animals That The Caught And Ate The Meat And They Kept The Wool And The Woman Sewed It With The Vains Of The Animal
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What kind of clothes do Norwegians wear?

Norwegians wear the same as you would wear in the western countries. they wear special knitted sweaters that are different from ours
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What kind of clothes do astronauts wear?

J-Wear is a line of clothing designed for use by astronauts during space missions. It includes underwear, shirts, pants and socks. The clothing is anti-bacterial, water-absor (MORE)
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What clothes do Spain people wear?

people in Spain like male or female wear ............. a type of clothing called 'The Warmongers Of Madrid'. It is a blue silk with shapla flowers decorated all over it.
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What kind of clothing do Japanese wear?

Some wear Chinese dresses of a shirt and shorts. ---- If it's traditional, they wear Kimono. But their clothings are almost the same to all Asian fashion.
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What kind of clothing did India wear?

In India, traditional clothing for women consists of Salwar Kameez, Salwar & Kurta, Sarees, etc. For men, its Kurta pajama and Kurta Dhoti.
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What clothes do people wear in Spain?

girls would were stylish dresses women would were stylish saries boys would were a shulwar and hat men would were a shulwar and a humungous hat
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What sort of clothes do they wear in Spain?

The Spanish wear the same kind of clothes we do. The more mature people tend to dress a little more formally than Americans, and as a result the seem more presentable.
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What kind of clothes does the french wear?

french people wear black Capris`.black scarf They also wear an expensive scarf, purse, shoes, little make-up, and the simple clothes as mentioned.
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What kind of clothing did serfs wear?

The type of clothing serfs wore and other lower class people was usually made of rough wool and linen. Serf women would wear spun wool into threading and wove cloth that turne (MORE)
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What kind of clothing do they wear in Andorra?

Women wear flowered skirts and some types of shirts and men basically wear what Irish men wear but in general they wear western styled clothing! . Your Welcome
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What kind of clothes does she wear?

first of all how is she if she is a girl she should be wearing underwear,Bra,shirt,and pants/skirt or a dress!
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What kind of clothes do Mormons wear?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) have always worn clothing similar to their culture and current fashion, but wi (MORE)
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What kind of cloths do Koreans wear?

Koreans wear normal clothes, like Americans do. Maybe a shirt and blue jeans, or for women, a dress or a skirt. People misthink that Korea is a poor country, like Africa, but (MORE)
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What kinds of clothes do Britain's wear?

The weather can be pretty unpredictable. It depends where you are. We mostly wear shorts/jeans and a nice t-shirt when they weathers nice, however when its cold a jumper, scar (MORE)
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What kind of clothes does a scientist wear?

It depends on what kind of scientist and what kind of work they're doing at the moment. An archeologist in the field will almost certainly be wearing a very different outfit t (MORE)
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What kind of clothing did the Ute wear?

fur leather i will not check the disscusions on this answer mabe i don't know for sure if you have a problem with that than look it up. your on right now so just get typing (MORE)
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What kind of clothes does a mechanic wear?

polyester two piece. pants w/ button up shirt. polyester is battery acid resistant. or lightweight overalls. they also use disposable neoprene gloves.
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What kind of clothes does eminem wear?

he used to wear baggy tracksuit bottoms, a white-T shirt, a baggy unzipped jumper, a bandana or du-rag and a cap. Now he wears dark jeans, T-shirt, Illuminati or Sobriety nec (MORE)
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What kind of clothing do you wear to a pool?

A swimsuit and probably a cover up that could dry fast if it gets wet. Flip flops are the best shoe wear because they waterproof and fast to slip on and off. Sunglasses would (MORE)