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Where to turn to if you are wrongly accused by the principal?

Answer . Go to your school counselor. All schools have one. Depending on whether this is extremely serious or just a small thing you can either learn that there will a lot (MORE)
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How do you get close to a girl who even doesn't want to be with you?

Well it depends if you want to be her friend or her boyfriend because I don't know if you are a boy or girl but friend goes to both of you. Anyway you have to find out what sh (MORE)
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What kind size of person gets rid of alcohol the fastest?

the fatter the person is the faster they will get rid of the alcohol because the fat absorbers alcohol and also the more active you are will too for instance if you go to a cl (MORE)
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Does a person have the right to counsel at trial in a misdemeanor case?

Yes and No. In most cases, the court does not provide an attorney for misdemeanors or petty crimes. The decision in Scott v. Illinois, 440 U.S. 367 (1979) improved protec (MORE)
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If your court case is closed can CPS case stay open?

I am presuming that CPS stands for Child Protective Services. A CPS case is not a court case, especially if a court case is separate. Therefore that case can remain open if a (MORE)
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What will methotrexate do to you if you have been wrongly diagnosed?

If you are taking it methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis , you are doing it to reduce the destructive effects that your own immune system is having on cartilage in your joi (MORE)
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How can you find out dates on a closed CPS Case?

If the information regarding the specific CPS case is known and the person has the right to have access then they can call the government agency that the CPS case went through (MORE)
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Can a case be reopened if you have a new suspect even after the case has been tried and a person was found not guilty?

my son was murdered back in 1982 he was 3 years old my sisters boyfriend was charged but was found not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt after he was found not guilty he left m (MORE)
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What if a closed case doesn't state with or without prejudice?

Depending upon the Rules of Civil Procedure and the governing case law of the State involved, there are a few possibilities. 1. If the case was voluntarily dismissed by the P (MORE)
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What order is current when temporary orders are filed and case is closed?

Generally, the last order to be entered is in force unless it has expired . In that case, the parties must bring a fresh motion before the court to request a new order. Gene (MORE)