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How can you tell if you have an Engine Oil Cooler on a '93 S10 Blazer?

Answer . Look and see if you find one.\nI just replaced the o-rings and gaskets on my 93 S10 Blazer 4WD, there is a block where the oil filter would normally go and hoses l (MORE)
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What kind of oil for a 93 Ford Probe gt?

I believe the recommend oil is a 5W-30 \nWix Oil filter # 51356\n. \nBrand oil is up to you.\n. \nGood Luck and Remember. \nChange Your Mind, Not Your Oil. \nUse the First I (MORE)
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What kind of oil 93 jeep?

You can putany oil in it, conventinal,synthetic,5w-20,10w-30 and so on, the oils are just different in wieght, i would suggest if your doing an oil change put 10w-30 in it, yo (MORE)
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Where is actuator on 93 S10 Blazer?

The vacum actuator is located under the battery tray on the passanger side. You must remove the battery, then unbolt the battery tray and remove it. The actuator is right ther (MORE)
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What kind of engine oil does a 1999 Chevy s10 pickup take?

I live in Florida. However, the truck was shipped fromCleveland, Ohio from my father. It has over 138,000 miles. Ithought with older trucks and higher mileage, they require at (MORE)
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Where is the computer in a 93 S10?

under the glove box or in that general area. if you replace, don`t forget to switch the prom from the old one to the new one. there are two screws that will let you acess it.
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What kind of oil does my 93 s10's 5 speed transmission use?

A insanely high priced fluid called gm synchromesh. Can be had online and at dealers. Pennzoil now has a version out, but Im unsure of its pricing. Most people end up using a (MORE)
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Will a 95 s10 fuel pump fit a 93 s10?

Go to any online auto parts store such as Advance. Look up the fuel pump for the 95 and the 93 and see if the part numbers are the same or not.