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What are the lengths of the different parts of the colon?

The average colon is about 1.5 m long. Lengths of the various parts are: * Anal canal: 5 cm * Rectum: 12 cm * Sigmoid colon: 40 cm * Descending colon: 15 cm * Trans (MORE)
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What are the negative effects of colonization by European in the different parts of the world?

Negative effects include: . the breaking down of the indigenous culture and, in some cases, the complete loss of indigenous languages . the physical harm of the local pop (MORE)
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What is different about colonization in Africa than colonization in other parts of the world?

1)Colonization of Africa was more economical than political reasons, while other nations were colonized more for political reasons.. 2) Africa was more illiterate and ingnora (MORE)
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What is the average length of a colon?

The colon is another name for the large intestine. The coloncreates waste by absorbing water. The average colon is five feetlong.
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What is the difference between a colon and a semi colon?

A colon (:) is frequently used to introduce a list or an example.So, you could say something like "These are the fruits that I canthink of off the top of my head: apple, banan (MORE)
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What is the width and length of human colon?

The main job of the colon is the reabsorption of water and salts from chyme that enters into it from the small intestine. As the water is drawn out it turns into feces. For th (MORE)
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What part of the colon is the defecation reflex?

The internal anal sphincter is governed by involuntary control, so it is reflexive. It is what triggers the feeling that you have to defecate. However, the external sphincter (MORE)
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Why did Spain colonize part of Africa?

Spain wanted trading posts and forts to secure the lines ofcommerce and spanish interest. They also wanted to maintain apresence on the western coast of Africa for easier trad (MORE)
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What part of Africa was colonized by the French?

Many places: Madagascar, Algeria, Mauretania, senegal (accents on the 'e's), Soudan, Nigr, Tuhisa, upper Volta, Fr Guinee, Tchad, Ubangi-chari, Fr Congo and Gabon Hope this h (MORE)
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Why did Europeans colonize different parts ot the world?

Their original pursuit was treasure but land was a greater attraction. Inca and Aztec gold drew the Spanish the Americas.The European monarchs dished out (MORE)