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How do you get urine infections?

Urine infections happen for a variety of reasons. They are more common in females than in males. Common misconceptions are that they can be passed from toilet seats or from d (MORE)
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What should you do if you are gay and need advice such as coming out sex and dating?

Coming out: Don't come out till you are secure and confident within yourself about your orientation. It depends too on your age and situation, whether you are at school or in (MORE)
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I need advice on how to stop cutting what should the first step be?

The first step is to realize that cutting is a unhealthy/unsafe way to deal with stress and emotion's. You need to talk to someone about this behavior asap. Call your local me (MORE)
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What advices for gum infections?

Other than going to a dentist, try rinsing your mouth with warm salt water a couple of times per day. Dont swallow the water though. Tea tree oil is said to help, though I am (MORE)
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I have had my nose pierced tragus and ears and they have all got infected but i want my nose done again any advice to keep it from getting infected or is it just a bad idea?

Well it sounds more like you have had an issue with aftercare and not so much as an infection issue. Aftercare is tailored to the individual, what works for one doesn't always (MORE)
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Who should talk to when need advice?

Try A website that will just listen to you...or give advice if you want
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What should be done in case of toothache?

In toothache should be using warm water with iodine salt dissolved in it. Gargal for several times in a day. It wil reduce the pain with certain amount. Immediately consult yo (MORE)
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What should be done in case a person suffer a heart attack?

First off, the most common sign of a heart attack is chest pain. Many people who have suffered from heart attack almost always feel chest pain or a tightening of the chest dur (MORE)
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What kind of professional should be contacted when financial advice is needed?

First of all, be clear why you need professional financial advice.Next step should be to understand which products and services each different type of professional can or cann (MORE)
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Who should a person talk to when needing debt consolidation advice?

There are a few routes one can take to consolidate debt, depending on the type, amount and status of the debt. One route may be a home mortgage refinance, in which case one sh (MORE)
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What should be done if you mistakenly drunk infected dog drunk milk?

Trying to sort out "infected dog drunk milk", I'm hoping desperately that what you mean is that you leftthe glass out and the dog stuck its nose in and lapped some up andyou' (MORE)
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I need advice what should i do?

I can not answer this question. In order for me to give you advicei would have to know what your are struggling with.
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What should be done while urinating?

If you are a female, makes sure you have pulled your pants down andsquat/sit. If you are a male, undo your fly, and lift the toilet seat first.
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I need advice with this girl What should I do?

I need advice with this girl, We talk a occasionally but we do it for a while. She smiles at me, I'm nice to her, we have some good laughs. We don't have many hobbies in comm (MORE)
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How can I deal with urine leakage Need advice.?

Urine leakage can happen due to stress or urge urine incontinenceand can be taken care of with incontinence protection wears. Youshould may be try the range by TENA in the mar (MORE)
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What kind of baby pillows should be preferred Need advice.?

Baby pillows that are soft and not too hard are ideal to use. It isimportant that you take a look at options personally before you buythem. A visit to a leading kids store may (MORE)