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Should kids know about sex?

They should be taught about the 'mechanics' of sex - yes. HOWEVER -they should also be taught that under-age is ILLEGAL (which alwaysseems to be overlooked in schools) ! Perha (MORE)
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You accidentally saw your two cousins which are brother and sister having mad sex in their parents bed how should i feel and should i tell someone?

an adult should be informed of this a.s.a.p.preferably mother or father or another close family member. This has to be stopped very quickly! A: . maybe you should tell your c (MORE)
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What age should parents tell their kids about sex and other changes in life?

The answer to this question would be different for every pairing of parents and child. It would depend on many factors including but not limited to how emotionally, and intell (MORE)
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Should parents swear at kids?

Just to clear up my answer, I am a 14 year old. My parents dont swear at me often. My dad sometimes does and it hurts me a lot. It creates a bad environment for my family and (MORE)
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Why should parents listen to their kids?

Because the kid may have a point in the discussion... and if the parent never listens or ignores their saying than the kid feels bad and defenceless.
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Should parents yell at kids?

Not really because they'll feel really sad but it's okay if they yell at you if you broke like a special thing.
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Should kids be learning about sex?

Yes. They either need to learn it from the parents (the preferred way) or from their teachers (the realistic way). And I'm not talking about just a few things. By the time a c (MORE)