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Should Anne Frank be granted honorary US citizenship?

Yes, she should be granted honorary US citizenship No, she never made it to the U.S. and wouldn't be able to pass the U.S. English Literacy test because she's dead. If it is (MORE)
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What can you learn from anne frank?

The most courgerous girl who really had an brave heart and sweet because of her human spirit and the sad things that she have inside of her.
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What should you know about Anne Frank?

Anne Frank was just one of the many children traumatized at the time of the holocaust. Her diary gives examples of what life for a Jewish family in living in hiding living in (MORE)
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Where was Anne Frank?

Anne was born in Frankfurt Germany and moved to Amsterdam, Holland when she was young. they went into hiding when she was 13 and were caught 25 months later. she later died wi (MORE)
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What did they do to Anne Frank?

Anne and her family were first sent to Aushwitz, and later she and Margot were selected for transport to Bergen-Belsen. They both died of typhus in Belsen, sometime in early M (MORE)
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What did you learn from The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank?

The diary is a glaring realistic account of the down side of Nazi Germany and the social crimes commited thereby. There is some controversy over whether it is authentic or not (MORE)
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Who did Anne Frank learn from?

she couldn'tgo to school any more because she got kicked out. she got kicked out because she was Jewish and the natzis didn't like Jewish.
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Who was with Anne Frank?

Her Mother Edith, Father Otto, Sister Margot, Mr & Mrs Van Daan, Peter Van Daan, and Fritz Pfeffer.
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What is Anne Frank about?

Anne Frank was a girl who lived during WWII. When she was 13 years old, she received a red and white checked diary for her birthday. Her mother and father were Edith and Otto (MORE)
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Why should you admire Anne Frank?

One thing that I admire about Anne Frank is that she is brave facing all of her challenges, needs, and problems. Her patience was so high about not doing what she want to do a (MORE)
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Why should Anne Frank be honored?

She was an admired young girl, basically because she and her family hid from the Nazis. It was a very difficult thing to do. Though, unfortunately, she ended up in the Bergen (MORE)
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What life lessons did anne frank learn?

Ann Frank's writing teaches many things to its reader. Ann has adifficult relationship with her mother and goes through a lot oftrials in life that can be a lesson of how to g (MORE)
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Why did Anne Frank do what she did?

Some people keep a diary, and in the case of Anne Frank it would seem reasonable to think that keeping a record of what was happening to her and her family and friends was a w (MORE)
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What are 6 new things you learned from the Diary Anne Frank?

I saw a play about Diary of Anne Frank. Sad, but very good. 6 Things I Learned; . Jew's had it a lot worse than I thought. . Germans were horrible people at the time. . (MORE)
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What is 3 lessons learned by anne frank diary?

When there is war and you know your kind is being killed get out of the country and haddide right away,when your in hiding dont get caught and dont blame others for your mista (MORE)