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What goes to making simba chips?

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Who played simba in the Lion King?

Simba was played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a cub while played by Matthew Broderick as an adult.
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What is the place called where simba lives?

Pridelands or Pride Lands was where he was born and later returned to. But for some years he lived in a jungle that was named Hakuna Matata after how peaceful and seemingly wo (MORE)
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Who is Simba?

Simba was the son of Mufasa, who was king of the jungle until hisbrother murdered him. They are characters from the Disney movie,'The Lion King'.
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How old is Simba?

When he left Pridelands to exile, he was about 7 months old seeingto his size, tail tuft and that he ate meat. When he returned, hewas at least 5 years old because that's the (MORE)
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Why simba didn't sleep with nala?

Because it's a cartoon movie, not a nature documentary. He did. It was offscreen. How else could they have had a baby?
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Why simba didn't kiss nala?

Nala did kiss Simba on the face, they are not humans and they don't kiss like humans, they lick........... Oh, your talking about Simba kissing Nala, oh, well, they already h (MORE)
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What is the sexual trick called the 'simba'?

The simba is a sexual act in which a woman performs oral sex on a man. The man then ejaculates on the woman's face, and smears the ejaculate on her forehead while slowly sayin (MORE)
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Who plays simba in the Lion King?

the grown-up Simba is vioced by Matthew Broderick, and the cub Simba is vioced by: Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Saphira1
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Did simba have a son?

No, not in canon/official story, as in in the movies. But only in the book universe of the franchise. Ever since the first movie was released, there's been a son in the book (MORE)
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Is simba gay?

No, Simba is not gay. He mated with Nala and has a daughter named Kiara.
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Does simba have a daughter?

yes, simba does have a daughter named Kiara, who is seen in the lion king 2, simba's pride. look out for it!
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Who voices Simba in The Lion King?

Simba is voiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas (cub) and Matthew Broderick (adult). Simba's singing is done by Jason Weaver (cub) and Joseph Williams (adult).
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Are nala and simba cousins?

There is no official statement about their relation other than the movie's content, but as that evidently has them have an arranged marriage, fall in love and have a child tog (MORE)
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Does simba die?

Simba does not die. But in the second film, he has a nightmare about the wildebeest stampede that happened in the first. Simba as an adult tries to safe his father, Mufasa. Bu (MORE)
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How do you draw Simba?

I will probably start with his head, but whatever u want to start with is Ok.
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What did simba tell kuvu about scar?

Simba told Kovu that "Scar couldn't let go of his hate and in the end, it destroyed him". Kovu replies that "I've never heard the story of Scar that way. He truly was a killer (MORE)
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Does Simba eat meat or bugs?

Of course naturally he eats meat, but while living with Timon and Pumba, he ate bugs, because there was no meat to eat except for Timon and Pumba - whom he could not eat as th (MORE)
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How does Simba act?

Simba acts very adventurous, curious, and disobedient when he is a young cub. When he is a young adult in the original Lion King film, he acts immature, depressed, care-free (MORE)
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Is 'simba' a Swahili word?

Yes. It means a lion in Swahili. Yep, it means lion. I know that from reading the sides of the Wildlife Yoghurt Tubes XD
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What are the obstacles Simba had faced?

Simba has encountered many obstacles as far as the movies have stated. In the first Lion King film, Simba's obstacle is trying to become the rightful heir to Mufasa as Scar an (MORE)
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Are Simba and Kovu related?

Likely not. Or very distant, IF Zira is related to Simba somehow. Kovu is Zira's son but not Scar's (Simba's uncle's.)
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Why didn't Simba come home?

Simba didn't think the rest of the Pride would accept him after he thought that he killed Mufasa, when in reality it was Scar that killed him. :)
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When does Sora meet simba?

Actually, Sora have the summon of him in kingdom hearts 1.If you don't mind.Why mushu know Sora in kingdom hearts 2.Beacause of summon!
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Who created Simba from ''The Lion King''?

According to a research website, Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff, DonHahn, Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise, and Brenda Chapman came into astory meeting to discuss what the story should be (MORE)
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Why does Simba no longer have a father?

Simba's father, Mufasa, died when he attempted to save his sonSimba whilst fighting with his brother, Scar. Unfortunately, Scarover-powered him during the altercation and he w (MORE)
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Who is stronger simba or kovu?

simba obviously simba and mufasa are the strongest lions in the lion king series followed by kovu
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Is simba easily distracted?

Simba the lion is very easily distracted as a baby. However, when he is older he is very focused.
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Who tells Simba about his Uncle Scar?

No one tells him, but Nala implies it when she tells him that Scar took over Pride Rock and about how horrible it is at home and she wants Simba to return and reclaim the "t (MORE)
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What is the simba group?

The Egyptian Simba group is a Facebook group, runned by ninth graders in a local school. On the group, videos and pictures of sexual content are posted. Members are; Omar Ta (MORE)
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Who is more famous Simba or Pikachu?

Pikachu, it's obvious, if you ask someone who doesn't know much about pokemon, they always say pikachu. try it!
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Who is Simba Chanimbravic?

The best player in the world I think he's around sixteen but has surpassed Messi and Ronaldo's level of skill put together
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How does mustapha contact simba?

The name is actually Mufasa. He was the king of Pride Rock and Simba's father until he was killed by his brother Scar. After Simba is grown up, he meets Rafiki, a wise old bab (MORE)