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White dog with brown spots?

Some Great Danes are white with brown spots. A beagle is anothertype of dog that can be white and have brown spots. A third type isthe Jack Russell Terrier.
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What is the best name for a black and white spotted girl dog?

There are a lot of different ways to name a dog. One is to look at the physical Characteristics: Color, Size, Shape, and much more. Two is to notice the personality. Three is (MORE)
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Were dinosaurs and humans around at the same time?

No and yes. Dinosaurs have long been extinct long long long before humans came about. However we live in close proximity to their descendants. Birds namely, so keep that in mi (MORE)
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What are brown spots around your ankle?

Brown spots around the ankle are primarily due to vascular insufficiency. While there are other causes, an appointment with either a dermatologist or family practice physician (MORE)