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Someone at work has taken a dislike to you for no apparent reason you are being ignored or snapped at you have tried talking to them but have been told to back off how should you not let it affect you?

Just ignore them and go to work, do your job and leave. Don't worry about what others are doing around you and avoid this particular person - they are not worth the time. If t (MORE)
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Why does club penguin money maker not work?

go to go down it says I have great news for you guys! There is now an updated Club Penguin Money Maker (MORE)
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I have been with someone for 6 years he isn't healthy for me but i love him and i have tried to make it work how do i break it off with him and stay away from him for good?

Oh, that is hard, darlin'. Especially if he comes after you. It may take his doing something unforgivable. I hope it doesn't hurt past bearing. If it's practical, you might (MORE)
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My wordpad disappered how do i get it back i checked for virus ain't got none tried using run didnt work tried searhing it on my files didnt work ither if you you please tell me thank you?

If Wordpad only dissappeared from your start menu you can do this: Open the windows explorer type in the address bar: C:\program files\windows NT\accessoires it shoul (MORE)
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You saw the commercial on tv and it looks amazing Has anyone tried this httpwww.seentvproducts.comproductmagicjack?

I purchased the magic jack about 3 months ago and I haven't had any problems with it at all. Crystal clear reception and no drop calls or anything like that. I kept my cable v (MORE)
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What website is club penguin money maker?

Go to It really works! Go to the tab marked "Money Maker", type in your Club Penguin user name and password, then 100,000 coins will be added to your Club (MORE)
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What happens when someone tries to get off cocaine?

Cut off all connections with those who use it, sell it, are okay with it, etc. Turn in your drug dealers if you have to. I am speaking from personal experience and I have lost (MORE)
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Where can you get a Club Penguin money maker?

So-called "money makers" in club penguin are both scams and againstthe rules of the game. The software will require you to make a download, which can containa trojan virus or (MORE)
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What should you do if your manager tries to get you to work off the clock?

Tell him no. If he keeps pressuring you, lay a complaint.. if he wants you to clock out and pay you under the table to meet his dead line it's up to you. if he wants to have (MORE)
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I went on club penguin and you typed a lot of capitals and the you pressed a letter and a different one came out then i tried it on the gogle search and the same thing why?

This mabe be because your computer has num-lock on it. it happens alot at school with little kids muddling up the computors, num-lock (number lock) is when say you typed the l (MORE)
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How do you get a Club Penguin website on Google?

Just go to google and type club penguin. Hit enter and it should be the first website. Here, I'll give you the website. Once you reach it, click play now.
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Money maker websites for club penguin?

The best website is You can get up to . 5000 coins. It is only for Windows computers
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How do you stop pop ups i tried installing a program didnt work looked fake so i deleted it and scaned but now i get a pop up every few min?

Pop-up blockers are usually browser add-ons. I use Internet Explorer 8 and very rarely do I have a problem with pop-ups due to the blocker feature. The Google toolbar add-on a (MORE)
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If you have been on 16mg of suboxone for about a month and havent taken them in 3 days now and you want to get highi tried doin sum heroin and it still didnt work when can you get high again?

maybe you got crappy dope. but 16 mg of sub. a day is pretty serious, and if you eat it it stays in your system for a while, up to 72 hours (3 days.) i think. my advice is to (MORE)
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How do you clean a ds game card ive tried getting alcohol on a Q-tip it didnt work then i tried blowing in the pins it didnt work either?

NEVER use ANY liquid material to clean out a ds game card. It sometimes will error. So you blowed on the ds game card? Try blowing IN the ds. Id that doesn't work, get a toot (MORE)
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How does the Bermuda tri work?

a meteor hit the Bermuda triangle and some meteors are magnetic no a lot of meteors are magnetic and there you go ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The "Bermuda Triangle" is a hoc (MORE)
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Which country publishes the Dan Tri website?

Vietnam publishes the Dan Tri website. The website url ends with .vn which is the country code for Vietnam and the language of the home page is Vietnamese.
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Why does boyle's law work with the tries?

I think you are talking about car tires. It is NOT a good approximation because Boyle's law states that the temperature and the amount of gas must be constant. If you are pump (MORE)
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What can one do on the website Giai Tri?

The website Giai Tri focuses on Thai entertainment. This includes news about Phim, Phim Bo, and Le, Phim. A person can interact with other members on their forum. The members (MORE)