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Why do talk show guests sit to the right of the host?

\n. \n Sitting to the Right \n. \nGuests are made to sit to the right of the right side of the hosts in order to have direct eye-contact with each other. \n. \nAnd more (MORE)
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Who was the most recent guest host on The Tonight Show?

The Tonight Show hasn't had a guest host since the Johnny Carsonyears when Jay Leno was the permanent guest host. Katie Couric wasa one time guest host when she & Jay Leno swi (MORE)
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What person was a guest of the Tonight Show with all five hosts?

I can't find anyone who has been famous long enough & livedlong enough to appear on The Tonight Show with all five hosts. Comedians like Don Rickles & Bob Newhart have come th (MORE)
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Can a host be held responsible for a guest showing up intoxicated to their home?

It is a possibility. When you own a home you can be held responsible for any injury that happens on your property, including things over which you have no control. You have no (MORE)