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What are headphones?

Headphones are, in general, any electronic devices that act as receivers for signals from other electronics--such as MP3 players, computers, phones and other devices--and conv (MORE)
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What is headphone?

a hearing device usually used for mp3 players, laptops, portable DVD players, and things of that nature they are normally used at times when the people around you don't want (MORE)
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What are stereo headphone and headphone speakers?

Basically, the difference between stereo speakers and mono speakers are that different sounds can come out of different speakers. For instance, if in a movie a gunshot was mad (MORE)
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What are can headphones?

Can or cans are just other words for headphones They normally refer to closed back headphones used in high noise environments but can mean any over the head type headphones. (MORE)
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How do you get your headphones to plug into your phone?

I'm sure it depends on the make of the phone. But, for example, Sony Ericson phones (at least the oldish ones) have a cable that connect to both the phone and the headphones - (MORE)
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Does Sony make stereo headphones?

Yes, Sony does make stereo headphones. There are a number of different places they can be purchased. You could get them on any number of websites, or also in retail stores suc (MORE)
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Are Sony headphones safe for your hearing?

Sony headphones are just as safe for hearing as any other type of headphone. It is not the headphones themselves that make them unsafe but the operation.
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Whats the cheapest Sony headphone?

Sony Lightweight headphones are the cheapest at $5.99. On the sony website. Also they are suppose to be good headphones. With a total of five star rating.
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Where to get headphones?

You can get them at many places, even at a store like Walgreens. Large music stores have huge selections and some of the highest quality headphones like Skullcandy headphones. (MORE)
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Where can you buy Sony Ericsson headphones?

Sony Ericsson headphones can be bought at electronics brick and mortar stores like Future Shop or The Source. Alternatively, these headphones can be purchased from online res (MORE)
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Where can you purchase Sony bluetooth headphones?

One can purchase Sony Bluetooth headphones from most department and drugstores such as Walmart, Kmart, CVS or RiteAid, and from most music stores such as Sam Ash and Tower Rec (MORE)
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What do noise blocking headphones do?

Noise blocking headphones insulate your ear from outside sounds to reduce the amount of outside noise allowing you to better hear and focus on the sounds from the headphones.