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Why is it that when I go to start my computer the monitor stays blank and nothing happens but the button you push to start the computer lights up and cooling fan also runs?

Short answer: Check fuse, power supply, and make sure both the monitor and the PC are plugged in. It is possible that either your graphics card is dead or not inserted proper (MORE)
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What if you start your computer but the monitor stays blank and nothing happens your keyboard has no lights?

Answer-- Check the back of your computer to make sure everything is plugged in appropriately. Something could've easily gotten unplugged, or fallen out a little bit. Make sur (MORE)
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Computer is slow on start up?

There are two major reasons for slow computer start up: 1. There are too many programs running on the startup list. That means: too many programs automatically start when you (MORE)
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A mower will start up but will not stay running?

There isn't enough (or too much) fuel getting to the engine to keep it runniing. Check for a clogged fuel filter if problem is fuel starvation. Check the throttle linkage (not (MORE)
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During booting time your CPU fan is moving for sometime and also stops and starts and stops nothing is coming. Monitor shows a red light so what has happened and what is the solution?

If your CPU fan starts and stops, and the monitor's activity light stays red or amber when it is usually supposed to be green, that would likely be the motherboard. You could (MORE)
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Why is your computer slow to start up?

If you're computer was fast at first and now it is slowing down the main reason it too many files on the hard drive. These can be junk files that built up over time, such as t (MORE)
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Why won't my computer start up?

\n . it could be a couple of things one the battery could be dead or your computer could have froze but if your smelling like it is burning it is either over heating or the w (MORE)
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Why would a 2004 Camry start up but nothing happens when you push on the gas peddle?

I had this just recently happen on my 04 camry, I push the gas and the engine RPM would not change. With the car off, open the hood to access the fuse panel. Look on the under (MORE)
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Why the computer won't start up?

Maybe you haven't plugged it in properly, check the wires to see if they are all connected. Or has your computer got a different password and you have forgot it. Maybe your co (MORE)
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What test runs every time the computer starts up?

\n. \nThe first thing that the BIOS does when it boots the PC is to perform what is called the Power-On Self-Test, or POST for short. The POST is a built-in diagnostic progra (MORE)
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When I switch on my computer everything powers up the HDD the CPU fan the power LED etc but nothing happens. Nothing displays on the screen and the processing light is constantly on. Why?

Try to reset BIOS and remove all parts such as memory, video card, hard drives, cd/dvd drives and so on. Reinstall first the video card try to boot, if it went through. Turn i (MORE)
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What do you do when your computer doesn't start up?

First, unplug it, blow in the socket and plug it back in securely, then try to turn it back on. Then unplug your monitor, blow in the socket and plug it back in securely. This (MORE)
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What causes a monitor to go blank after windows starts up?

For a several reason, 1. The monitor doesn't support the desktop resolution that Windows provide. 2. The monitor doesn't support the refresh rate that Windows provide. 3. The (MORE)
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What can cause a computer not start up?

it happens when the your system (PC) is: 1. kept in a room from where the dust particles comes in max which results the CRT monitor in the stage of not showing nothing on the (MORE)
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Why does computer freeze on start-up?

The computer may not be able to read a certain file during loading and crashes. The file may have been deleted or it may have become damaged. If you are using Windows try boot (MORE)
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When at start up the LCD screen on a notebook computer remains blank what is wrong with it?

Try pressing "Fn+F8", if that doesn't work then try booting it with the Windows Setup CD in the drive. If nothing works then try pressing keys like "F2" or "F8" or "Del". If t (MORE)
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How do you get your computer to start up again?

press the power button, if i had to take a guess. im not very good with computers but that's what i would do. although, if you're asking this question, then you're computer se (MORE)