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What is canonized?

Technically, to be canonized means to be incorporated into theCanons (laws, beliefs) of the Church. To be canonized as a saintmeans that investigations have shown that the can (MORE)
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What is canonicity?

Answer . The method by which the books of the bible, both Old Testament and New Testament, were determined to be the authoritative works of God. These writings are consider (MORE)
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What is literary canon?

A group of literary works that are generally accepted asrepresenting a field.The literary canon is a collection of worksand authors who have a general seal of approval from ac (MORE)
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What is canones?

a canoe is a type of boat but very small usually only one or two people fit in it depending on how big it is.
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What is canonical?

If we have several web pages in our website, some time more than one page have similar content. These pages Google easily know that these pages have similar content. At this s (MORE)
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What is canonic?

More properly Canonical, for lack of a better word- with official approval- the canonical books of the Bible, for example.
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What is a canonization miracle?

In the process for canonization a number of miracles that can be traced to the intercession of the saint candidate must be verified and they must have no earthly explanation. (MORE)
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What is the meaning of canonized?

To be canonized means that the person has been thoroughly investigated by the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints and found to be worthy of the title of saint. Of cou (MORE)
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Which god does StAnthony believe in?

St.Anthony believe in one God The Only God that Exists and its Jesus Christ and His Dad our Main God
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What is a canonized person?

A canonized person (saint) is someone who has undergone the official process of canonization by the Catholic Church. First, you have to die. Once you have been dead at least (MORE)
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What is canON IN MUSIC?

canon in music is where you are playing a piece of music and the last note makes you repeat what you have just done.
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What was a medieval canon?

Answer: There are a number of different answers to this question. A canon could be a member of a group of clergy, usually living or working together. I once lived near a ca (MORE)
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Is SpongeBob canon?

Spongebob is not related to Canon in any way. Spongebob is a TV show, not a camera.
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What is the homophone for canon?

A homophone is a word that is pronounced the same as anotherword but differs in meaning. Canon is a church law, a cannon is aweapon. Different spelling, different meaning, b (MORE)
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Is a canon a firearm?

Generally, yes. A cannon is a weapon that shoots a projectile out of a tube by exploding or burning combustible material (gunpowder). But under federal United States laws on t (MORE)
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What are the sentences for canonize?

One never knows just whom the sitting pope will canonize next. It took a long time for enough support to grow to canonize Joan ofArc.
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What is canonical tag?

URL canonicalisation is the method of finding the same content through 2 or more urls i.e.,,,,, www.d (MORE)
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What is equipotent canonization?

Perhaps it is "equivalent" rather than "equipotent" canonization? Following article explains equivalent canonization: L'Osservatore Romano has explained the process by (MORE)
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How are canons made?

If you mean canyon, such as the Grand Canyon, they are made by erosion. Water flowing through them cuts into the earth and washes it away.