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If UFOs are fake how do you see photos?

Photos are very simple to fake (even well before photoshop). Photos and film are light acting on a receptor. The action of the light on visual effects and creating an illusion (MORE)
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Can you find photos?

Sure. Go to Google and enter in the name of the item in which you would like to see a photo. Click Images. Viola! Photos.
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Are photos of nude children illegal to have?

Pictures of nude children are only illegal to have if they fall under the description of the law as being child porn....There are laws governing exactly what is considered Chi (MORE)
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How do you make people nude by using photo shop?

Step 1: Select the history brush tool. Step 2: In the Mode drop down box (at the top) select Linear Burn. Step 3: In the Opacity drop down box (to the right of the Mode dr (MORE)
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Can you get arrested for looking at a nude photo?

Overall no, but there are some instances where it is possible. For instance, if you are viewing pics of child pornography, you are almost definitely doing something illegal. T (MORE)
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He wont date you but wants a nude photo of you?

Dump this guy. If you are in communication with him via internet - block him and notify the site's webmaster that you are being cyber-stalked. CAUTION: If you should compy wit (MORE)
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Is it legal to see nude photos?

Depends on the country. Depends also on how you view the word 'nude'. Serious magazines such as 'The British Journal of Photography' sometimes carry pictures of unclothed peop (MORE)
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Where can you find photos of legal nude child models?

The work of some fine art photographers, such as Sally Mann and Jock Sturgess feature young children in the nude. Despite controversy and legal issues over the years, these ar (MORE)
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Is ther a nude photo of keri hilson?

NO (although i wish there was) she said she would not pose naked in any pictures unless it was for a very good cause.

Anni-Frid Lyngstad nude photo?

Well, yes, if you're offering, we'd all like to see it. But, if you're asking if one exists, my guess is no. Ms. Lyngstad -- now Her Highness Princess Anni-Frid Synni Reuss of (MORE)
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In which Hollywood movie aishwarya rai given nude scene?

There is no such hollywood movies in which Aishwarya Rai has done any nude scene. It is often not allowed in india and actresses feel reluctant in doing such scenes in movies. (MORE)
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How do you pass the fake photo test on poptropica?

You go to the bottom right-hand corner of the 2nd picture and you will find a sginature.It's a fake signature.A GUI-like box pops up!It means you have completed this test!
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How can you tell the photo is fake on Counterfeit Island?

You click on the Moon. There is no way a "star" could be seen within the dark part of the Moon (it is just a non-illuminated part of the Moon). (It is remotely possible that (MORE)

How do you make fake nude cellebratie pictures?

with photoshop u can do all the things..take a nude photo and take a simple photo..cut the face of simple photo and put it up on nude photo..and for further process check adob (MORE)
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What type of magazines have nude photos?

The TYPE of magazines to include nude photos varies by the context. Things such as National Geographic contain "Nude" photo's but only pertaining to societies that it is cover (MORE)
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How do fake celebrity photos hurt their image?

Being a celebrity is all about the image that is shown to the public. Everything they do is measured and timed so that they are seen as they want to be seen. When fake photos (MORE)
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Which celebrities have a nude photo?

There are huge numbers of celebrities that have nude photos posted online. Some of these post willingly for adult publications but many others are taken without permission an (MORE)
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Where can one find famous actress photos online?

People can find famous actress photos online on gossip news websites like People Magazine Online, or Lifestyles Magazine Online. However, there are many other websites specifi (MORE)
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Where can one find photos of nude girlfriends?

You can find photos of nude girlfriends online at the MyEx website. This website advertises getting revenge on your ex. This website is for adults only!
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What is so endearing about a nude lady photo?

Depends on who you ask. French artist and art teachers may say a nude lady is art due to the curves and beauty of the body. Those with a education in the liberal arts may say (MORE)
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Is it bad to sext a boy fake pictures you find on the Internet when you really don't want him to get my nudes and he thinks you like him?

Many would say it is downright wrong. For one thing, if you don'twant him to have nudes of you, why would you use nudes of someoneelse that you find on the Internet? For anoth (MORE)
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Who are the Hollywood Actresses?

They are Selena Gomez And Demi Lovato they are best friends foreverand they are working n a bold scene when Selena Gomez has lay onthe bed with her dress off