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Do you have any pictures of the mona Lisa?

Simply use a search engine of your choice using the keyword 'Mona Lisa'. You should come up with many pictures and websites based on the painting.
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Can you take pictures of the Mona Lisa in the museum?

no taking pictures can ruin it because its very fragile and old the flash can somehow fade it It may be next to impossible to take non-flash photography as well, because t (MORE)
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Pictures of Lisa hartman as tabitha in bewitched?

Lisa Hartman was never on Bewitched. She played Tabitha Stevens as an adult in the series Tabitha in 1977. It only lasted 13 episodes and is available on DVD.
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Can you take pictures of the Mona Lisa?

Photography is not allowed inside the Louvre. However large number of tourists seem to 'forget' this in front of the Mona Lisa. So they have put such glass in front of the pai (MORE)
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Where is the real picture of the Mona Lisa?

The original picture of the Mona Lisa is kept in ' Musée du Louvre' in Paris, France . The painting said to be much smaller than people would think, but it is under very (MORE)
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Why is mona Lisa picture so famous?

Mona Lisa's picture is so famous because it is particularly the best life like work,and made by a famous Italian artist. Some believe that she got famous for her smile, and ho (MORE)
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Where is Mona Lisa on the picture?

The painter, Leonardo, has placed an imaginary background behind Lisa, perhaps taken from memories of Tuscany.