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Are the moody blues touring in 2010?

Rumours have an Eastern United States tour on tap. The Moodies just finished their US summer tour - start in Europe in the Fall.
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Are The Mighty Boosh touring in 2010?

Unfortunately, no. They are currently working on their album, and film. The Boosh album is set to release Autumn 2010, so they may promote it by travelling around and maybe ma (MORE)
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Will Lee Evans be touring in 2010?

Lee Evans has confirmed that his next tour is in 2011 :) Follow this link:
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Are my chemical romance touring in 2010?

Yes, in the early part of 2010, they are planning a tour in Australia. You can find out more info about the tour on their website,
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Will slipknot tour in 2010?

interviews with mick Thompson were he quoted "you wont be seeing anything till our next album. And nothing in 2010". But hopefully they will tour again!
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Will Radiohead Tour in 2010?

Following romours of a new album coming out in 2010 they will probably tour to promote the album.
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How do you watch a tour of Poptropica?

Go to the Poptropica site for short videos of the islands (they have been copied to YouTube but are lost in the mass of "how I beat it" videos).
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Are Daft Punk on tour in 2010?

Daft punk's official website says that they are going on a world tour in either 2010 or 2011!
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Is coldplay going on tour in 2010?

Only the Latin America mini-tour that occurred in February and March. Other than that, they are working on a new album.
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When is kings of leon touring in 2010?

4/28 Indio, CA Coachella 5/2 Seattle, WA Moore Theater 5/3 Portland, OR Crystal Ballroom 5/5 Denver, CO Ogden 5/6 Kansas City, MO Harrahs Voodoo Lounge (MORE)
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Will Rammstein tour America in 2010?

In several recent interviews lead guitarist Richard Kruspe, and the rest of the band, have stated they are trying to work out a tour for North America, which includes the Unit (MORE)
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Who is going on tour in 2010?

Korn, Breaking Benjamin, Nickleback ,Sick Puppies ,Souls Harbor,2 Cents, JUSTIN BIEBER,NEVER SHOUT NEVER, Smackdown WWE haha and a whole lot more...
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Where will the Jonas brothers have their tour in 2010?

August 7 Chicago, IL First Midwest Bank Amphitheater August 8 Indianapolis, IN Verizon Music Center August 10 Cincinnati, OH Riverbend Amphitheater August 11 Pittsburgh, (MORE)
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Who is touring with the Jonas Brothers in 2010?

Demi Lovato and some members of the cast of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam are the opening acts and will perform some songs with the Jonas Brothers during the concert.