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What rights does a biological father have when the mother of the child remarries?

Answer . \nThe father can legally request custody and/or visitation rights and assert all other parental rights that applied before the dissolution of the marriage until/u (MORE)
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Can a non-biological father adopt a child he is raising?

It all depends on what is his status.For example-if the NBF was married to the mother before a child was born he is presumed to be the father and there is no need to adopt the (MORE)
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Can a child sue a mother for the name of his biological father?

Absolutely you can i can either be done in family court or it can be done through federal court for emotional damages as well as it goes against human rights as every child ha (MORE)
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Can a biological father who is incarcerated obtain custody of his child?

It is unlikely a court would grant custody of a child to an incarcerated parent. The parent would be unable to act on behalf of the child, unable to provide care, medical ne (MORE)
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Which states does the non biological father pay child support?

All of them, once paternity has been established by either genetic testing; presumption, where the parties were married when the child was born/conceived; acknowledgment of pa (MORE)
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When does the biological father not have to pay child support?

In general, child support ends when: the obligor has legal custody of the child; the child is deceased; the child has been adopted; the child is emancipated (i.e., self-suffic (MORE)
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Does a biological father have the right to keep a stepfather away from a child?

This is an issue decided by the courts. Where custody is fully or partly granted to the mother of a child, her current spouse (living with her) cannot normally be excluded. Wh (MORE)
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Can a man be put on child support if he is not the biological father?

If the man signed the birth certificate or was married to the mother at the time was born, in many states that would make him the presumptive and legal father with all rights (MORE)
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Can a father who has custody of a child keep the child if it is found out that he is not the child's biological father in the uk?

The father must seek the advice of an attorney who specializes in custody issues. The answer depends on the laws in your jurisdiction and the circumstances, which can best be (MORE)