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What is the meaning of first dibs?

"Dibs" is an informal word meaning claim on something, so first dibs gets the first claim or first choice: I call first dibs on the Halloween candy!
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How did the expression 'In like Flynn' come about?

In like Flynn . Dates back to 1945, refering to how easily movie star Errol Flynn could get women into bed with him.. See related Links for the real answer Hint: Its a com (MORE)
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Where did the expression 'under his belt come from'?

The original meaning appears to be to have eaten or drunk something. If you have a good meal and a glass of wine under your belt, it's because you've swallowed them and they a (MORE)
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Where does the expression 'blue murder' come from?

Answer . "Getting away with blue murder" Implies a person has gotten away with something so bad that they were expected to get get caught for. . If you a royal was mur (MORE)
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Where does the expression boot come from?

A wise man once told me that Cowboys used the phrase to describe money or gold or some other form of currency thrown in on top of a trade to make the trade even and give the t (MORE)
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Where did the expression 'to see red' come from?

This term most likely originates from bull fighting, where the matador would wave a red cape at a bull -- a color that enrages the bull and causes him to charge. Seeing red is (MORE)
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Where did the expression first dibs come from?

Dibs is short for dibstones, a children's game played with knucklebones, hence the knucklebones themselves, then counters generally and finally money placed down to reserve a (MORE)
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Where did for the love of pete expression come from?

'Love of Peat', on the other hand, is an Irish expression describing the main characteristic of a home loving individual who spent their days crouched around a peat fire.
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Where did expression 'off the hook' come from?

To be released from blame, obligation, or danger. The expression alludes to the fish that got off the fisherman's hook and got away. It started in the mid 1800s.
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I want a good Paul McCartney fan club that gives info about him touring and if I join I get first dibs on tickets. Any info at all about this?

Paul McCartney has a web site that keeps you up to date on all of his touring. By keeping up on his tour schedule, you will be able to find out when tickets go on sale for var (MORE)
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Does Dib have a girlfriend?

Yes, Dibs does have a girlfriend. Her name is Kate and she comes from Sweden. It is said that he is going to propose to her soon, knowing that she already has a daughter at th (MORE)
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Where does the expression getting fleeced come from?

According to the Etymology Dictionary, the first time the word fleece was used in the figurative sense was in the 1570s. And when used in the literal sense, fleecing an animal (MORE)
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Where does the expression au pair come from?

It comes from the French meaning 'equal' and reflects the fact that an au pair is treated as part of the family by her hosts in exchange for helping out with light housework a (MORE)
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Who is dib?

If you were talking about Dib Membrane, he is a paranormal investigator from Invader Zim (Property of Jhonen Vasquez + Nickelodeon) He is obsessed with Zim, an Irken alein sen (MORE)
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Is Dib cool?

Dib is one of the best characters from the Invader Zim cartoon ! Yes , Dib is cool as are the rest of the Invader Zim characters . No Gaz and Gir are said to be the best.
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Is dib crazy?

Dib Membrane is just obsessed with the paranormal and to expose Zim as an alien .
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Is dibs is a crush?

yes dibs means you chose whoever you choose as cute. example Dianna said dibs on Joshua that means no one else you are dibbing with can have a crush or marry that Person
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Where does the expression You have a frog in your throat come from?

Medieval physicians believed that the secretions of a frog could cure a cough if they were coated on the throat of the patient. The frog was placed in the mouth of the suffere (MORE)
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Where did the expression blue blood come from?

deoxygenated blood is more of a blue color compared to oxygenated blood which is redder Blue blood stood for the highest nobility, which started around 1100-1200. Before thi (MORE)
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When Is Dibs Birthday?

His Birth date is March 4th And Because He Was 11 When The Show First Started In 2001 He is Now About 20 Or So Years Old And Soon to Be 21 On March 4th 2011 Which Means He Can (MORE)
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Where does the expression the seven seas come from?

This is a very ancient term, used in Sumaria as early as 2300BC. In the 9th Century a Muslim author wrote that to get to China you must cross the seven seas. The seas being th (MORE)
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Who is Joe Dib?

Joe Dib is a mii that Alex and Ben made on the wii. Ben made a song about him and alex says shut up Joe Dib!!! PIE IS OH SO YUMMY!!!!! Sorry, Alex didn't say that it was me, I (MORE)
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What does the expression to come out of the rain mean?

To go indoors when it is raining. It is often used in the form "He doesn't have the sense to come out of the rain" which is used to indicate that someone is a bit stupid.
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Where did expression cold cash come from?

It means money readily available. The inspiration of the phrase was when the FBI raided Jefferson Washington's home in August 2005, they found bribe money for a Nigerian Vice (MORE)
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Where did the expression cool come from?

"Cool" meaning "good" dates from the late nineteen-forties, when "hot" jazz went out of favor, replaced by "progressive" bop or bebop. Mop.
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Where is dib membrane?

Do you mean where does he live? If so, it's never been specified, but rumor has it that he lives in Detroit, Michigan.
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Why did Dib ruin Zims plan when the tallest were coming to earth?

Assuming you're talking about Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars , it's because Dib was afraid that if the Tallest came to Earth, Zim would succeed in conquering the plan (MORE)
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What are the rules of dibs?

The rules of dibs are quite clear, if you dibs an object or an activity or seat that seat is now yours. However it can be over ruled by Dragons Locked!