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What is the mark of Cain?

It is not know what the mark was on Cain. The Hebrew word means 'sign', and this could have been either a physical sign or a miraculous display of some kind. In either case, i (MORE)
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Who are cain and abel?

According to the Bible (Genesis ch.4), Cain and Abel were the firsttwo sons of Adam and Eve, who were the first humans. Cain slew Abelbecause he was jealous that God preferred (MORE)
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Where did Cain and Abel live?

The Bible tells us that God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and they remained there prior to Cain and Able's birth. The Bible does not tell us the exact location bu (MORE)
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Who was Cain?

The son of the first man, Adam. See Genesis ch.4.
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What time period did Cain and Abel live?

Answer It is debatable whether Cain and Abel really ever did live. The story of Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel is so contrary to scientific knowledge that it can not be accepted a l (MORE)
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How long did Cain live?

Interestingly enough, neither the Bible nor the Torah have anythingto say about the life of Cain apart from his descendants. In mostcases, the account will give the children t (MORE)
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Who is Cain Pence?

I heard this guy speak once in Minnesota. Didn't agree with him much, but the man could talk. I didn't care for his politics, but did respect the fact he made it to every cong (MORE)
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What year did Cain and Abel live?

The bible says that Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden, and were thrown out of the garden of eden after falling in sin. Abel and Cain were born outside Eden, and the bib (MORE)
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Where did Cain live after he slay able?

PLZ see: Gen 4:16 ... . After Cain killed Abel, he lived in the land of Nod opposite Eden. Nod means "one who wanders away from God" ... such was Cain's state.
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Who are the living family from Seth and Cain?

One thought: Cain's family all died in the flood. And everyone on earth are Seth's descendants, because Noah was a descendant of Seth(1Chronicles 1:1-4) and all humans on (MORE)
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Where did Cain live in biblical times?

Religious scholars speculate that the Garden of Eden was near thePersian Gulf, in what is now southern Iraq. After that, Cain wenteast (Gen. ch.4).
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Where in dias family that lived in chula vista Cain the 1910s come from?

Please spell check your question. To the extent that I can understand it, while I'm not sure whichparticular Dias family you're talking about, given the name and thelocation (MORE)
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Is tubal Cain the same as Cain?

No. Chronologically, Kayin (Cain) was earlier ... about as early as aperson in the Bible could be. He was the son of Adam and Eve, afarmer, and the brother of Abel, who he kil (MORE)