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How use pok radar on Pokemon diamond?

Well you just walk over som grass( not water or cave) and you open your bag go to key items section select the poke radar and use. Pretty simple.
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What Pokemon is on pok emon platumin 151?

\n#001 \n \nTurtwig \n \n \n#002 \n \nGrotle \n \n \n#003 \n \nTorterra \n \n \n#004 \n \nChimchar \n \n \n#005 \n \nMonferno \n \n \n#006 \n \nInfernape \n \n \n#007 \n \n (MORE)
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What is 7 more than a number?

Give the number a letter (a, x, c, whatever) , then add 7. a + 7 x + 7 c + 7
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Wake Pokemon in pok yellow?

You go to Lavender Town and travel to the top of the Pokemon Cemetery. At the top you will encounter a Marowak. Defeat it and there is a woman who gives you a Poke Flute. With (MORE)
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Is -7 more than 1?

any negative number is less than one so -7 is not more than 1