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Is there going to be a series 3 of BBC outnumbered?

Yes, it has been confirmed that the production of a Series 3 is coming out. The family was on Jonathon Ross last night (13/3/10) and have said that Series 3 will be out in abo (MORE)
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Where is the closest railway station to the BBC?

\nPending an answer from someone in London, it appears that the BBC's principal business locations are in the West End of London on Marylebone Road and Portland Place. The ne (MORE)
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Will there be a new series of Merlin on BBC?

There will be a Series 2 of Merlin on the BBC1.x ... and now series 3 has been announced but don't think that will be aired for about a year as series 2 has only just finishe (MORE)
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What is the BBC series about a country doctor?

Doc Martin is a popular BBC comedy series about a General Practitioner in a quiet Cornwall town. He started out as a successful surgeon but then developed a fear of blood and (MORE)
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Where can you watch jeopardy BBC series?

this is a link to a guys youtube i watched the entire series again over his youtube he has all of season 1, 2 & 3
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Is US open tennis on the BBC?

Yes the US Open tennis tourney is televised on the BBC. They've been wanting a European to take the championship. They get just as excited as Americans do watching sports. Hop (MORE)
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Who narrated the BBC documentary series Life?

David Attenborough narrated the nature documentary Life. After three years of capturing footage the series was eventually turned into a 10 part series, each episode lasting f (MORE)
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What shows can be seen on BBC Kids?

"Fred Bassett","The Clangers","Andy and Pandy",and "Bertha" are are just a few programs that can be seen on BBC Kids network.Many of these shows have educational value for you (MORE)
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Who starred in the BBC series Spooks?

The BBC series "Spooks" debuted in 2002 on the channel BBC One. Some of the main stars include Peter Firth, Matthew Macfadyen, Lara Pulver, Jenny Agutter and Max Brown.