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How do you route a serpentine belt for a 1997 Jeep Wrangler?

there should be a routing diagram on the hood of your jeep or right above the radiator on the radiator support. if not on those 2 places check the airbox cover... it might be (MORE)

How tight should the serpentine belt be on a 1998 jeep wrangler?

Answer . There is no adjustment to the tightness. The idler wheel holds the proper tension.. CORRECTION: . There is adjustment and it's found on the Power Steering Pump B (MORE)

How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 99 Jeep Wrangler 40L that does not have a belt tensioner?

Answer . The belt tensioner is located at the bottom of the power steering pump looking at it from the front the tensioner is on the bottom left.. ~~you could always loose (MORE)

How do you relieve the tension on the belt tensioner so the serpentine belt can be removed on a 1997 Wrangler with a 25L?

Answer . \nthe power steering pump is on a pivot on the top bolt that mounts it to the bracket. First, loosen all of the bolts. There are 2 behind the pump that cleary run (MORE)

How do you replace a serpentine belt on a 4.0 liter 1998 Jeep Wrangler?

1st get a soft pillow and some lube. (you will need this later) Drive to your local Jeep dealer. Check the Jeep in at the service department. Bend over grab your ankles. Make (MORE)

How do you change serpentine belt change 1993 Jeep Wrangler?

Answer . \nFirst, there should be a diagram of the serpentine belt and pulley system on the top of the radiator fan cowling. If there is not, make one b/4 you remove your (MORE)

Where is the serpentine belt tensioner located on a 1994 Jeep Cherokee?

Cherokee 4.0 Serpentine Belt Tensioner This engine does not have an tensioner for the serpentine belt. Only the 5.2 liter and 5.9 liter engines have a tensioner. The adjustm (MORE)

How do you loosen a serpentine belt on a 1997 Jeep Wrangler Sport?

Below and toward the center of the engine from the powersteering pump is an idler pulley. Loosen the 15 mm bolt in thatpully, but do not remove it. Then, just to the right and (MORE)

99 Jeep Wrangler with a mechanical tensioner for the serpentine belt How do you know when the belt is tight enough Right now everything works fine but when the AC is on the belt flutters.?

I found this on another website. You need a belt tension gauge. Napa has one called a Krikit II which runs about $14 and fits in your pocket like a pen. New belts, ones with l (MORE)

Jeep Wrangler serpentine belt replacement?

There is a tensioner under the power steering pump. Lossen the pulley with a 15MM socket .. Do not remove it ... On top of the bracket to the left of the PS pump there is an a (MORE)

How do you change a serpentine belt on a 97 jeep wrangler sport?

there should be a model on the frame somewhere under the hood. You use whats called a tensioner to loosen the belts tightness on the wheels. It will have a bolt head on the fa (MORE)

How do you replace a serpentine belt in a 2000 jeep wrangler?

This applies to the L6 4.0L 2000 Jeep Wrangler. In the middle of the belt tensioner located below the alternator there is a 1/2 inch square hole. Insert the square end of a (MORE)

Serpentine belt breaking Jeep Wrangler 1993 I bought a new serpentine belt for my jeep but it keeps breaking. please help thanks?

1. Look at the broken belt for any clues as to the cause of the failure; did it abrade, snap, cut.. 2 - Double check the replacment belt is the right spec & in good condition (MORE)

Where is the Jeep Grand Cherokee serpentine belt tension pulley?

The tensioner pulley is off course located in line with all the other pulleys on the front of your engine block and will be the only pulley that isn't connected to another dev (MORE)

How do you replace a serpentine belt on a 1997 Jeep Wrangler?

Loosen the bolts on the alternator (do not take them all the way out), push the alternator toward the engine a little, take off the belt, (make sure you draw the path of the b (MORE)