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What is a chain reaction?

A chain reaction is the continuation of a reaction initiated by the reaction itself. In some cases it is a closed reaction, where the repetition ends. In others, it will conti (MORE)
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Define chain reaction?

When a series of events occurs and each event was caused by theprevious event, this is called a chain reaction. The domino effectis an example of a chain reaction.
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How do chain reactions start?

they help people start being better and help other people it goes on and on and on
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Why is PCR called a chain reaction?

PCR can repeatedly duplicate a DNA (or RNA) fragment, so it's a chain reaction. After each cycle, PCR can repeat and repeat again to produce many copies of the same DNA segmen (MORE)
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Is fusion a chain reaction?

Not exactly, nuclear chain reactions are a series of nuclear fissions initiated by neutrons produced in a preceding fission.
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How is a nuclear chain reaction started?

Uranium produces spontaneous fissions in small numbers, and each fission releases two or three free neutrons, so there is always a source of neutrons present in any assembly o (MORE)
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Does a chain reaction involve fission?

Yes, a chain reaction is all fission, just out-of-control fission. Usually, fission creates 2 neutrons per decay, but it is controlled by the fact that lots of neutrons get ab (MORE)
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Where in the world did the first controlled nuclear chain reaction?

Chicago in a Squash Court, Enrico Fermi operated CP-1 reactor in 1942. It was a nearly spherical assembly of "greasy" black graphite blocks with uranium balls distributed in h (MORE)
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Who was assassinated that started a chain reaction?

The cause of World War 1 was because of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Ferdinand was the next in line for the throne of Austria. Austria then put the blame on (MORE)
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What is the importance of polymerase chain reaction?

The importance of the polymerase chain reaction is that it continuously produces countless copies of DNA sequences in the body. Also, scientists can extract genes in order to (MORE)
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What is fission chain reaction how can it be controlled?

Fission chain reactions occur because of interactions between neutrons and fissile isotopes (such as 235 U). The chain reaction requires both the release of neutrons from fis (MORE)