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Why was the Henry system of fingerprint classification used more than Vucetich's system?

You have to remember what the world was like politically at the time. Henry was an Englishman, and head of the Metropolitain Police in London. When he developed his system (wi (MORE)
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What is a voice recognition device and how is it used?

Ability of a computer, computer software program, or hardware device to decode the human voice into digitized speech that can be interpreted by the computer or hardware device (MORE)
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What are the advantages of fingerprint recognition?

BY SOHEL MERCHANT..........Advantages: a. Very high accuracy. b. Is the most economical biometric PC user authentication technique. c. it is one of the most developed bi (MORE)
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Is computer elecronic device or machine?

The primary portion of the computer is an electronic device. It is supported by many external devices and machines such as the monitor, the keyboard, mouse, the cooling fan, e (MORE)
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What are voice recognition devices?

They are devices that listen to the sound in the environment they are in, and try to pick out spoken words. They are often used to also detect from the wavelengths that a spec (MORE)
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What can fingerprinting be used for?

Fingerprinting can be used to identify criminals of all sorts - ranging from simple thieves to serial killers. If, say, it is a theft or a robbery at a store, police can use f (MORE)
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How does a fingerprint USB device work?

A fingerprint USB drive operates same way as a fingerprint lock on a laptop. In order to access the contents of the drive the finger needs to be placed on the drive. It is c (MORE)
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What device uses notification system?

Finding a device that uses a notification system is not very challenging to do at all. A device that uses a notification system is a cellphone that has alerts.
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Which hardware device will help you use speech recognition?

Your microphone. There are two ways generally to use mics on thecomputer you have. One is the interal microphone which is built-inand records general sound in the area. Not ev (MORE)
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How do you take fingerprint without using any electronic device?

The 'traditional' method was to use ink and paper. The suspectwould have each finger 'rolled' onto an ink pad - then the fingerwould be pressed against a piece of paper. This (MORE)
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What is the purpose of a speech recognition device?

The purpose of speech recognitiondevice/software, is to allow the user to speak instructions/datarather than having to use the keyboard. One possible use is if theuser is unab (MORE)