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What were some foreign policies and or goals that Great Britain had before World War 2?

\n. \n British overseas policy in the 1930s \n. \nDuring the Great Depression Britain 'sheltered' within the Empire and this policy of trying to strengthen the Empire (m (MORE)
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Who did the US support in the war between Great Britain and france?

The US became independent from Great Britain during the Revolutionary War (1775-1783). While still colonies, they fought with Britain against France (French and Indian War). O (MORE)
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What did the US do in the war between Great Britain and France?

If you are talking about the Napoleonic War the US declared war on Great Britain and invaded Canada in 1812. It was repulsed and in return Detroit was captured. The trade bloc (MORE)
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Why did Great Britain and France ignore Hitler's foreign policies?

We, of course, have the luxury of high-sight and the simple answer is no. But back in the day it wasn't so easy to tell. The sensible thing for Hitler to have done was to be s (MORE)
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Why did France declare war on Great Britain in 1793?

The French Revolution which took place during the time period of 1789-1793 became a republic and then France proclaimed a war of all peoples against all kings. Briton at the t (MORE)