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What is an open title used car?

An open title on a used car is when the title of the car is signedby the seller and handed over to an individual. This means thetitle is free from the previous owner, but not (MORE)
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Who won the US Open title of 2009?

Men- Juan Martin Del Potro defeated Roger Federer 3-6 7-6(5) 4-6 7-6(4) 6-2 despite winning only one more game than the Fed Express. Women- Kim Clijsters defeated Caroline (MORE)
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Can you use a song title in a book?

It would depend. If the song is in the public domain, yes. If it is a copyrighted work, then no, not without the permission of the copyright holder.
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What is an open title on a used car?

An open title on a used car is when someone skips an assignment onthe back of the title. This can create many problems. You want tomake sure that the car you are buying has a (MORE)
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Is US open tennis on the BBC?

Yes the US Open tennis tourney is televised on the BBC. They've been wanting a European to take the championship. They get just as excited as Americans do watching sports. Hop (MORE)
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Can someone list the songs used in BBC drama Privates?

Song List for BBC Privates 07/01/13-11/01/13 In order played The Animals -- We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Intro and Outro of each episode) Episode 1 (07/01/13) Ada (MORE)
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What is a song title nobody used?

There's not a list of "unused" song titles or book titles - youhave to make up your own titles. Once you do, you can use a searchengine to see if any other songs have that s (MORE)
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Who sings the song all at sea in the closing titles of the bbc drama Turks and Caicos?

Never heard the song but here is a few songs with that title.. showing band name and some of the lyrics... maybe one of these are it?? . 1. All At Sea by JAMIE CULLUM I'm (MORE)