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What country has the largest air force?

In terms of technology: United States > France, U.K., or Japan > Russia In terms of Size: United States > Russia > People's Republic of China (note, the above presume (MORE)
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List largest air forces?

1. United States 2. Russia 3. Turkey 4. United Kingdom 5. France 6. China 7. Israel 8. India 9. Germany 10. Japan 11. South Korea 12. Spain 13. Greece
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Who has the largest military force in the world?

During world war 2 their was 2 big Armed Military forces, their are the Wehrmacht and the Red Army. The Wehrmacht was the Nazi German Army and it Belongs to Nazi Germany. The (MORE)
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Second largest dome in world?

The Gol Gumbaz located in the South of India is recognized ashaving the second largest dome in the world.
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What is the largest air force base in the world?

The Eglin Air Force Base is the largest Air Force base in the freeworld. Eglin Air Force Base is the home of the Air Armament Center(AAC) and is one of four product centers in (MORE)
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Largest police force in the world?

The Police in Uttra Pradesh state of India Claim on their web site to be the largest police in the world under a single Command with 398,214 officers. Other very large police (MORE)
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Largest air force base?

Wright Patterson Air Force base is the largest air force base inAmerica. Edwards Air Force base is the 2nd largest base in America.
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Second largest military force?

The Indian Army is the world's second largest army in terms of military. India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second- (MORE)
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What is the worlds largest air force?

The United States has the largest air force in the world. Take note, the US Air Force is not the largest air force in the world based on number of Aircraft. The US Navy/Mari (MORE)