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Who introduced the Christmas Tree to England?

It's a bit of a misnomer that Prince Albert introduced theChristmas tree to Britain. This has come about however, by thepublicity at the time of Queen Victoria's reign and has (MORE)
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Who introduced the Christmas Tree?

The Christmas tree was popularized by German immigrants but its history dates to before Christianity. In the traditional northern European religions the "christmas tree" or ev (MORE)
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Who first introduced Christmas trees to Britain?

Traditionally this is normally attributed to Prince Albert of Sax-Coburg (Quenn Victoria's husband). An engraving of the royal family published around the 1850's was widely di (MORE)
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Who introduced the Christmas tree into the royal house?

In Britain, the Christmas tree was introduced in the time of the personal union with Hanover, Germany, by king George III's Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz but did not (MORE)
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When was the electric tree lights introduced for Christmas?

People first started putting lights on Christmas trees back in the middle of the 17th century. They attached small candles to the ends of tree branches with wax or pins. Befor (MORE)
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Who by and when were Christmas trees introduced to England?

Christmas trees were introduced by a dutch philosopher named Elodite Traibar in 1768 when he moved England in the hope of furthering his research. he believed that the Christm (MORE)
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Who introduced the christmas tree to america?

In fact it was a president from England named Franklin Pierce. America found out about it when Pierce insisted he have a Christmas tree when the holiday came around. Then the (MORE)
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What country introduced Christmas tree to America?

England, cuz england got introduced to christmas trees by germany, when queen victoria reigned. Yeah so probably england, cuz they were like invading all the time, lol.
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Why and who introduced Christmas trees to England?

It was a young boy called mitchell mcspaden who likes to play cod all day and he went on such a rage that he went and cut down a tree and took it into his house for encorageme (MORE)
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When were the first Christmas trees introduced to the US?

In the early 1800s, the custom of Christmas trees were seen as a foreign custom in the US. It was around the late 1800s when Christmas decorated trees became more popular as c (MORE)
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Who introduced the Christmas tree in the UK?

Prince Albert , the husband of Queen Victoria. Albert wasfrom Germany, where the tradition of Christmas trees goes back tothe period of the earliest Catholic missionaries in G (MORE)