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Divinity and humanity of jesus?

Christians believe that Jesus is both fully human and yet fully divine. He claimed to be God on many occasions ('God the Son'... before Abaham was - I AM.....My Father and I a (MORE)
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Was Jesus human or divine?

Jesus was Both human and divine Christians believe that Jesus was fully human - with human needs and emotions (in the Bible we are told that he ate, drank, wept, got angry, bl (MORE)
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How do you write a paragraph about the topic 'forgiveness a divine virtue'?

WikiAnswers will not write your homework for you, but we WILL help you learn how to do it yourself! Click on the Related Questions for even more information. . Write sentenc (MORE)
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Are people human and or divine?

\nThe human body is earthly. The human soul or spirit is divine and eternal. Everyone will live forever, the only question is where. Do you know Jesus?
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Essay on To err is human to forgive is divine?

The meaning of "To err is human, to forgive is divine," means thateveryone makes mistakes, but if someone wrongs you it takes asupernatural power to help you forgive them. In (MORE)
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Who said to forgive is divine?

Alexander Pope said it. The full quote is, "To err is human; to forgive, divine."
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What is the defantion for Jesus as divine and human?

The common interpretation of theological discourses are read not being read as if in the 1st century life and geography of that time. The Roman government had been an Republic (MORE)
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Is Jesus both human and divine?

What i believe: -Jesus WAS human when he was on earth, but now i think he's just divine. I could be wrong though.
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Is Jesus human and divine?

Yes - He's the son of God, and at the same time, on earth he had a body, scars, felt physical pain, and had a mother. God sent him to earth to help corruptness, share God's wi (MORE)
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Why do humans need divine revelation?

because revelation God making to be known and with out that with reason alone how could we tell that God is real
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What is human justice and divine justice?

Human justice is any form of justice handed out by man, whether officially mandated or not. Divine justice is the judgement that will supposedly be handed down by whichever go (MORE)
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Who said 'To love is divine'?

I think there may be a combination of ideas here... There's an old English idiom 'To err is human, to FORGIVE divine' by Alexander Pope ( "An Essay on Criticism" ). T (MORE)
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Is the Bible divine and human?

A: . The Bible is a collection of books written by men, most of whom were anonymous. It contains what are now regarded as having originally been simply novels ( Esther, Danie (MORE)