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Who plays nala in the Lion King?

The following actresses/singers are: Niketa Calame (young Nala's speaking voice) Moira Kelly (adult Nala's speaking voice) Laura Williams (young Nala's singing voice in "I Ju (MORE)
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Who is Simba?

Simba was the son of Mufasa, who was king of the jungle until hisbrother murdered him. They are characters from the Disney movie,'The Lion King'.
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How old is Simba?

When he left Pridelands to exile, he was about 7 months old seeingto his size, tail tuft and that he ate meat. When he returned, hewas at least 5 years old because that's the (MORE)
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Why simba didn't sleep with nala?

Because it's a cartoon movie, not a nature documentary. He did. It was offscreen. How else could they have had a baby?
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Why simba didn't kiss nala?

Nala did kiss Simba on the face, they are not humans and they don't kiss like humans, they lick........... Oh, your talking about Simba kissing Nala, oh, well, they already h (MORE)
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Who is nalas dad?

The Lion King directors, Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, stated Nala's father could be Mufasa or Scar even though Simba and Nala would be related and neither Scar nor Mufasa ac (MORE)
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Who is nalas father?

The Lion King directors Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff stated during a Lion King 10th Anniversary Reunion discussion panel that it could be either Mufasa or Scar. Despite this (MORE)
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Did simba have a son?

No, not in canon/official story, as in in the movies. But only in the book universe of the franchise. Ever since the first movie was released, there's been a son in the book (MORE)
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How old is Nala?

You have to be 9-11 years old to be young Nala on the Lion King on Broadway, and 4"2 tall.
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Is simba gay?

No, Simba is not gay. He mated with Nala and has a daughter named Kiara.
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Does simba have a daughter?

yes, simba does have a daughter named Kiara, who is seen in the lion king 2, simba's pride. look out for it!
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Are nala and simba cousins?

There is no official statement about their relation other than the movie's content, but as that evidently has them have an arranged marriage, fall in love and have a child tog (MORE)
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Does simba die?

Simba does not die. But in the second film, he has a nightmare about the wildebeest stampede that happened in the first. Simba as an adult tries to safe his father, Mufasa. Bu (MORE)
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How do you draw Simba?

I will probably start with his head, but whatever u want to start with is Ok.
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What are the similarities between Ophelia and Nala?

Although Ophelia and Nala have different personalities and portrayals, both characters are similar to each other because they are the lover of the protagonist, Hamlet and Simb (MORE)
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How does Simba act?

Simba acts very adventurous, curious, and disobedient when he is a young cub. When he is a young adult in the original Lion King film, he acts immature, depressed, care-free (MORE)
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What does Meega nala kwishta mean?

the phrase, "Meega nala queesta" means "I want to destroy" in Stitch's language, Tantalog. It is also considered "The Queen Mother of Stitchian Curses"
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Is Kopa really simba and nalas son?

No, not officially but only in the fanfiction books called "The Lion King: Six New Adventures". As they are only profit fanfiction and Disney chose to completely ignore them w (MORE)
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Who is Nalas mate from the Lion King?

Simba is Nala's mate. They had two cubs, Kopa and Kiara. It is unknown what happened to Kopa. Some people think Zira killed him and others think Zira attacked him but he lived (MORE)
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Who are the cubs of Simba and Nala in the 2 movie of the Lion King?

They only have one cub: daughter Kiara. Yes, the cub at the end of the first film and its ceremony appear completely different from Kiara's, but officially they still are the (MORE)
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What does the name nala mean in English?

As a girl's name, Nala means gift in Swahili. It was also the name of Simba's childhood friend in The Lion King. As a boy's name, Nala was an emperor in Hindu mythology.
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What is the simba group?

The Egyptian Simba group is a Facebook group, runned by ninth graders in a local school. On the group, videos and pictures of sexual content are posted. Members are; Omar Ta (MORE)
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How did Nala meet Simba?

Simba and Nala apparently first met when they were young cubs when they were growing up in the Pride Lands. In the film, this isn't seen, as they are already close friends by (MORE)
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Who is Simba Chanimbravic?

The best player in the world I think he's around sixteen but has surpassed Messi and Ronaldo's level of skill put together
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In what film do the characters Simba and Nala appear?

The characters first appear in the classic Lion King as young lion cubs who grow up through the story. They both also appear in the Lion King 2 where they are adults who now r (MORE)