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What happened to jay Leno the Tonight show?

Jay Leno's Contract with NBC expires in Dec 2009. NBC would have to renew their contract for 2010 and so on. NBC did not like being placed on a compromising situation like the (MORE)
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Why is Jay Leno leaving the Tonight Show?

In 2004, the Tonight Show hosting job was promised to Conan O'Brien (to begin in May 2009) as an inducement to sign a new contract with NBC. O'Brien was threatening to jump to (MORE)
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When did Jay Leno host The Tonight Show?

He replaced Johnny Carson as host of The Tonight Show in 1992 , after having been a regular substitute host for Carsonsince 1987. Jay Leno hosted The Tonight Show from May 25, (MORE)
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Who wrote the music for the Entertainment Tonight theme song?

Michael S. Mark wrote the Entertainment Tonight theme song for the launch of that show in 1981. Today Michael is a seasoned musical performer perhaps best known as a writin (MORE)
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Who hosted The Tonight Show after Jay Leno?

When Jay Leno left The Tonight Show the first time, Conan O'Brienbecame the host but when Conan failed Jay Leno resumed hostingduties and when he left the second time, Jimmy F (MORE)
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Why is Jay leno back on the tonight show?

He is back on the Tonight Show because the NBC affiliates were not happy with Leno's show at 10pm and NBC apparently did not want to loose him. What was decided was to put Len (MORE)
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Who wrote the song In Color in country music?

Jamey Johnson wrote the song In Color. He also wrote numerous country songs and performed with different country musicians. Jamey was a writer, singer, and producer for hims (MORE)
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Who wrote the country music song Backwoods?

Justin Moore and his producer Jeremy Stover wrote the country song Backwoods. They based it on their lives in the Eastern Kentucky towns they grew up in.
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Who sang the song Cocaine Blues?

Johnny Cash sang the song Cocaine Blues. Although he is the singer most associated with this song, other singers have sang it. It was originally sang by Red Arnall. It has als (MORE)