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What is the importance of sources in historical reconstruction?

In general sources in history are divided in two primary and secondary. They are important because they teach a child about how was documents written during the time and aft ( Full Answer )
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What is the historical importance of collectivization?

The historical importance of collectivization is yet to bedetermined fully, as it is a relatively new phenomenon in humansociety. In its many different appearances in the 20th ( Full Answer )
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What is the historical importance of the Lincoln Memorial?

the Lincoln memorial is a monument in honor of our 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. the construction started in 1914 designed by Henry Bacon. it was based ( Full Answer )
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Important Historical Events in England?

when Queen Elizabeth ruled England And Henry the eight the black plague invading Ireland And of course the beatles
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What are facts about Assiniboia?

historical district in Canada . also known as Red River Colony . modern times is part of Saskatchewan . tourism is the main industry
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Why was the Silk Road important historically?

The Silk Road was trade routes from China, Korea, and India acrossAsia to southern Europe. It brought silks and spices to Europe whowanted them so badly that when the Silk Roa ( Full Answer )
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What was the historical importance of the Gettysburg Address?

It pretty much just redefined the Civil War as not only a struggle for the Union, but also as a new birth of freedom that would bring equality to all of Americas' people, and ( Full Answer )
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Important historical events in Italy?

Birth of the Renaissance Unification of the Italian States Place in Europe where the plague first appeared Machiavelli born, wrote the Prince and failed as a leader Joined All ( Full Answer )
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What are the important historical events in Christianity?

The Reformation, The Counter-Reformation, The beginning of Christendom, The beginning of the Anglican Church, The Crusades, The Enlightenment, The Great Awakening, The Second ( Full Answer )
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What is the historical importance of the pentagon?

It is the war center of America and has supplied troops, a navy and air forces for the US Army and has helped by supplying and comanding troops air forces and navy ships durin ( Full Answer )
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What is the historical importance of Imperialism?

Imperialism is important because it was a way in which countriesgain power and improve their economic situation. Although it was important, it had some bad consequences in som ( Full Answer )
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Why was the Battle of Antietam historically important?

It checked Lee's momentum, and for the time being, ended Lee'sambitions in Maryland. It did not cause the British to lose interest in helping theConfederates. To deter any ( Full Answer )
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Historic importance and garnishesh of appetizers?

TheAncient Romans and Greeks are depicted lounging with trays of freshfruit, wine, olives and cheese. Their feasting style surelyinspired our modern-day appetizers. Their meal ( Full Answer )
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What is the historical importance of the telephone?

The Historical Importance of the telephone is very simple. It was created so people would have a chance to communicate from far away distances, so that you didn't have to run ( Full Answer )
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Historical importance of place in mumbai?

History of India . An overview : The people of India have had a continuous civilization since 2500 B.C., when the inhabitants of the Indus River valley developed an urban c ( Full Answer )
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What is the historical importance of Pentecost?

A: Acts of the Apostles says that on the day of Pentecost, everyone that was in the upper room was filled with the Holy Spirit coming down on them as tongues of fire. They b ( Full Answer )
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Why was Methodist episcopal historically important?

It was one of the first churches in this Country, a result of settlers fleeing England to seek 'freedom of religion'. It was also responsible for the spend-off of member Afric ( Full Answer )
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Why is the Mesha Stele historically important?

The Mesha Stele (or Moabite Stone) is the first documented inscription that mentions the House of David in Israel. This stone commemorates the victory of King Mesha of the Moa ( Full Answer )
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Why is William the Conqueror historically important?

victory at the battle of Hastings . built great castles in England (refer to the 'tower of London' et al) . created the doomsday book . commissioned the Bayeux tapestry . ( Full Answer )
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Is Iraq an important historical site?

Of course it is! Iraq is the cradle of civilization since the times of the Sumerians. It contains tens of historical locations, many of which are still in excellent shape.
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What is Europe's important to the world historically?

European countries took over practically every country on Earth at one time or another. They have spread their culture, language, foods, etc. by this. This is the reason to wh ( Full Answer )
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How long to drive from Regina to Assiniboia SK?

This is an approximate travel time . The actual travel time may change depending on traffic,weather conditions and the route chosen. The travel time between the above mention ( Full Answer )
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What is the historical importance of Tutankhamen's tomb?

1. Although it had been disturbed, it had not been looted by graverobbers so still contained most of the items that were buried withhim. 2. The items that were recovered were ( Full Answer )
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Why is Sacajawea an important historical figure?

She was one of the main guides and translators on the Lewis andClark expedition. It also helped significantly as she had a baby,which demonstrated to the various tribes they e ( Full Answer )