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How do you remove a dishwasher?

Shut the electrical breaker off and lock it out. Undo the drain hose under your sink. Shut off the water supply under the sink to your dishwasher.Take the bottom front panel o (MORE)
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What could be wrong with my GE dishwasher Triton XL when it has power and water to the intake valve but it does not start the water when you hit start?

1) The flood switch has open circuited due to overload or mechanical failure. 2) The solenoid coil has open circuited or the solenoid plunger is stuck in the housing. 3) The w (MORE)
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How do you Fix a leaking GE dishwasher?

Our 15 year old GE dishwasher is leaking water from under the unit in the wash cycle and also when it drains. Could this be a bad pump or a bad hose?
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Why does my Ge washing machine not spin on the spin cycle at all?

On the edge of the lid opposite the hinge there should be a small plastic pin. This pushes down of a switch that controls the spin. When you open the lid the spin stops so you (MORE)
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Does rinsing dishes before dishwasher remove bacteria?

You rinse a dish first because if it has something sticky in it or something like chocolate it can sometimes get completely stuck to the dish while its washing. ITs just like (MORE)
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Is it wasteful of water to rinse before dishwashing?

Yes, the dishwasher can clean plates etc without having to rinse it beforehand. Plus a dishwasher already uses more water than washing by hand, therefore rinsing before dishwa (MORE)
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Why is the rinse cycle on your washing machine not draining the water?

This can have a variety of reasons depending on the make and type of machine. - 1. The pump is not working at all or has become clogged. 2. The 'wig wag' has failed and is (MORE)
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Where can one get GE dishwasher parts?

You can buy GE dishwasher parts online at the website called GE Appliance Parts, you can order over 65,000 appliance parts and also accessories from them.
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Where could one purchase GE dishwashers?

GE dishwashers can be bought online through many retailers. Bestbuy, Homedepot and Geappliances are specialists in this advanced style of dishwashers.
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What kind of profile dishwashers does GE provide?

GE offers several models of profile dishwashers for purchase. Each has their own model number and can be purchased either directly from the GEAppliances website or from home i (MORE)