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Why do Asians eat rice?

It is what they grew and eat in early times and they still hold on to the tradition
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Why are you Asian?

You can be Asian because your ancestors were Asian and your culture becomes Asian. Even if you get plastic surgery to change your face, you would still be Asian. You would b (MORE)
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What is Asian?

Asian is a description of someone or something that originates in Asia.
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Who is an Asian?

Anyone who is born in the continent of Asia can be considered Asian. People of Asian descent can also be considered Asian although some people from the Middle East would not i (MORE)
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Why do asians eat rice and why is it important?

They eat it because it is readily available and renewable and they don't have the money to import new foods and it is a healthful food. They also eat noodles.
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How is Asian fried rice fried?

First it is boiled then it is mixed with spices and flavour to taste then it is tossed in a wok with some oil.
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If you like rice does that make you Asian?

No, it makes you a lover of rice. On the lighter side: Or, you might be a fan of the author Anne Rice, or an alumni of Rice University. Worse yet, you may have the odd (MORE)
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Why do Asian students do maths better than American students?

Asian countries have strong traditions of doing the best so they can get the best jobs, following from the relatively low number of positions available per capita. American st (MORE)
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Why are asians so good at math?

Because there numbers are smaller in there language. Although im not completely sure, numbers such as hundredfifteen are only a few letters there.
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Why are asians good at maths?

Probably because they're more disciplined, have more respect for their teachers, pay attention in class and don't spend half their lives staring at a computer or mobile phone (MORE)
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Why are Asians smart at math?

Actually, there is a valid response to that particular racist stereotype: The Asian cultures in general, and particularly those Asians with whom you're likely to come i (MORE)
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How do Asian farmers plant rice?

It depends on which region your in hilly areas, farmers cut terraces into sides of mountians in lowland areas the flood the grounds where the plant rice.
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Why do asians love rice?

Asians love rice and eat a lot of it as it is one the of the maincrops in the area. Studies have proven that incorporating rice inthe diet may be linked to longevity.
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Why do Asians use rice in food?

It is easy for them to grow in their climate. they can grow a lot of it and very importantly it is easily dried and stored. ant it is very nourishing.
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How can you tell the difference between an Asian Asian and an Asian American?

an Asian Asian's homeland is Asia and liviog in Asia as his parents and grandparents or incestors belong from Asian American's homeland is Asia but living in America a (MORE)
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How do you understand an Asian math teacher?

Explain to them that you are having a difficult time understanding their accent and ask them to repeat if necessary and speak more slowly. You also need to listen more closely (MORE)