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Is Nikon Coolpix a professional camera?

No. Professionals use DSLRs. Even at that, many DSLRs are still just consumer level cameras. D200/D300/D700/D3 are professional Nikons.
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How do you reset a coolpix Nikon s210?

Tech support says to 1-remove the battery and mem card 2-hold down the shutter button for 30 seconds (not the power button) 3-reinsert battery and turn on camera.\n. \nI coul (MORE)
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How do you charge a Nikon COOLPIX?

Nikon consumer cameras have proprietary batteries that are normally charged in the camera. Your camera manual should explain this. Some of the newest charge via a USB connecti (MORE)
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Nikon Coolpix L100 how do you take long exposure photos with it?

When in the normal shooting mode, look for a button with a (+-) symbol on the right side of the circular control panel. Press this button to adjust your exposure setting and m (MORE)
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Will Nikon P80 work with 8GB SDHC card?

I copied this information from the user's manual for the Nikon CoolPix P80: The following memory cards have been tested and approved for use in the COOLPIXP80. All cards of (MORE)
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How good is the Nikon Coolpix S4000?

Pretty Good. I HAD a Canon Powershot for a Day and then a lenserror hinderd it useless. Switched to the S4000 and it is Good. Alot less things you can tinker with, but a true (MORE)
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What colours do the Nikon Coolpix Camera come in?

Nikon Coolpix Cameras come in red, blue, green, yellow, black, white, silver, and pink. They make their phone in so many different colors because they are targetting young kid (MORE)
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How do you use Nikon coolpix P510?

The most important first step in the process is to carefully set the camera down on a flat surface, pick up the instruction/operation booklet that came with it, and read t (MORE)
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Can you change the lense in the Nikon coolpix p510?

Yes, you can, actually. All you need is a separate lens, hot glue,duct tape and a pair of huge bush clippers. First, you want to chopoff your current lens with the clippers, n (MORE)
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How much does a Nikon Coolpix cost?

Depending on the type of model one wishes to purchase the Nikon Coolpix can range in cost from $60 to $500. There are many models to choose from such as, CoolPix P7000 or the (MORE)
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How do customers rate the Nikon Coolpix p100?

The Nikon coolpix p100 has a 3.5 star user review. Most customers are extremely pleased with how easy the camera was to use. It is said to be very fast and accurate. Other gre (MORE)
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What colours do the Nikon Coolpix cameras come in?

It depends upon the model of COOLPIX, but in general they are available in a variety of colous beyond just the basic black. Some are available in red, orange, blue, pink, yel (MORE)