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Will cervical cancer hurt your baby?

Answer . In most cases no. The cancer is rated 1 - 5 in this area. If you have a 3 - 4 reading they can perform a Cone Biopsy on you. Cervical cancer is highly curable ( (MORE)

If your husband's mother has breast cancer will your baby have it?

Breast cancer is not inherited so your baby will not have breast cancer just because his/her grandmother does. However, the child may possibly be at a greater risk in later l (MORE)

If you have skin cancer will your baby have it too?

There is no cut-and-dry answer to this question. Some people inherit a predisposition to cancer; others acquire it. To know whether a particular individual will pass a predisp (MORE)

Can you have a baby with ovarian cancer?

yes you can have kids with ovarian cancer but just be careful. but for sure your kids will not have ovarian cancer but you still might......................................... (MORE)

Can you have a baby after cervical cancer?

My mom had cervical cancer when she was 23 and then had me when she was 30. She had a hysterectomy a couple years later though for other medical reasons. I think it depends on (MORE)

Can a man with prostate cancer have a baby?

no hahahahaha lol. If the treatment included removal of the prostate, then yes a man can have a baby via IVF, where sperm are taken from the man and implanted in a woman. I (MORE)
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Can a prostate cancer survivor father a baby?

This depends on the prostate cancer treatment. If the treatment includes radiation, it is recommended to have sperm removed prior to treatment, which can be implanted in the w (MORE)
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Does baby powder cause cancer?

I don't know if my answer is right, but if baby powder causes cancer, they would of taken it off the shelves ages ago. From my personal point of view, baby powder does not cau (MORE)
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Can baby shampoo couse cancer?

Some baby shampoos have Cancer-causing chemicals,but not ALL of them do.I believe that Johnsons is a safe and great brand of soap for babies.