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Who is the girl in Rascal Flatts What Hurts the Most music video?

i wish i knew, what an amazing performance and what a video lol. me, Krystle. . In the beginning of the video both parents are crying and the girl is hysterical. Then . whe (MORE)
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What song do you like by Shania Twain?

I enjoy so many songs by Shania Twain that it's hard to pick just one. But some of my favourites are; Any Man Of Mine, I Ain't No Quitter, Forever And Always, From This Moment (MORE)
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Why is the rock radio network in Puerto Rico called the rock when they don't play rock music i don't get it?

Thank you Heriberto for attempting to answer the question. I though I might give it a try... I worked at the Rock radio. The Rock is referring to Jesus. Jesus is referred to a (MORE)
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Is rascal flatts a good country group?

For bluegrass country, Rascal Flatts is an excellent country group. They have a strong Christian background, and are appreciated in most country circles.
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What instruments can Shania Twain play?

Shania Twain plays guitar for sure, I know this because..... "Twain often grabbed a guitar and retreated to the solitude of her bedroom singing and writing until her finge (MORE)
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What radio stations play Jewish music?

Depending on where you live, some areas have sizable Jewish communities. There are radio stations serving the Jewish communities in New York, Los Angeles, and possibly oth (MORE)
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How are Country music and rock alike?

They both originated around Memphis, Tennessee and use similar instruments, such as the guitar, drums, bass, and singing.
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What is one rock radio station?

my favorite rock station is 103.1 but i live in florida another is 87.5 those stations have AWESOME alternitive rock punk music!!
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Is Rascal Flatts a country band?

Yes, Rascal Flatts is a country band. They made a song that is in the movie Cars. The song is called Life is a Highway. It is in the part where Lightening is being taken to Ca (MORE)
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Is rock or country music better?

Rock is better, if you prefer faster music with more electric guitar. Country is better, if you prefer softer music with more acoustic guitar. Both rock and country are grea (MORE)
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What soft rock or hard rock songs do you like most?

Anything by Deep Purple rocks. But for really Hard Rock, anything by Hendrix, The Stooges, and The Ramones is the best. For Soft Rock, definitely The Beatles, The Beach Boys, (MORE)
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What was rock music like in 1975?

During the 70's, Rock had some pivotal moments. There were many types of rock music during the 70's such as Soft Rock and ballads, but this is also a time when Hard Rock start (MORE)
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Do animals like rock music?

they generally dont as they have sensative ears but if you play it quietly some animals(like my dog) enjoy it! :)
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A radio station to listen to christian rock?

the effect radio i think they have a station list online to tell you the numbers for where u are it is different everywhere. where i am it is 91.1
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Why is old rock music with country music?

Because when rock first came along it was originally on the acoustic guitar because the electric input and amp had not been fully developed. The drums were quickly incorporate (MORE)
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What was rock and roll music like?

Rock 'n' Roll started in the 1950s as a spinoff of R&B (rhythm and blues). R&B was a popular style within the black community, but soon started gaining crossover sales among w (MORE)
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Why did people like shania twain?

People like Shania Twain because she is a very successful woman who makes awesome country music.
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What radio channel plays hard rock music?

I forgot the specific name of it, but i believe it's channel 20 on satellite radio and it is called "Octane" or something banana 101.5 they play music like escape the fate si (MORE)
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Who plays guitar for Rascal Flatts?

Joe Don Rooney plays lead guitar (acoustic and electric). He also plays the mandolin. Jay DeMarcus plays bass.
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Which American Country Music Award did Rascal Flatts win in 2006?

CMT Music Award for Group/Duo of the Year ("Skin (Sarabeth)") . ACM Top Vocal Group (presented 2007) . CMA Vocal Group of the Year . AMA Favorite Country Band, Duo or Group (MORE)
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Why do you like to eat soft rocks?

If by soft rocks you mean clay or dirt you might be asking about pica. Pica is a craving for things that are not normally eaten. This sometimes happens with pregnant women. It (MORE)
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Why people like a rock music?

I believe that people like rock music because it is a way of expressing oneself and people like to listen to other people express themselves, or they just like to listen to sh (MORE)
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What radio stations play new music?

All radio stations play new music. Alot of radio stations however do not play music that is not under a major label. There are many people trying to make submissions for publi (MORE)
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How did Shania Twain get her start in the music industry?

Shania Twain is one of the most popular female country singers of all time. She has sold more then 85 million copies world wide. She originally start singing in bars in Timmin (MORE)
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What music is played on the Froggy radio station?

Froggy radio plays primarily country music on various stations throughout the United States. They will also play adult contemporary on rare occasions. Some country artists the (MORE)
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What makes a radio station a rock radio station?

Generally speaking in the radio industry a station is identified as Active Rock, Album Oriented Rock, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Modern Rock and the like based on the ext (MORE)
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What radio station plays rock music?

There are a number of stations throughout the country that play rock music. A person may also tune into rock stations through Internet radio providers like I Heart Radio.
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What radio stations play music from the 60s?

There are many radio stations that play music from the 60s. Examples of radio stations that play music from the 60s includes Live365 Internet Radio and the 60s Radio at TuneIn (MORE)