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Why do some people cry so much?

Girls cry because they were dumped, a crush said they just want to be friends, their feelings got hurt, they got physically hurt, or in rare cases- they failed their test or s (MORE)
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Why does a baby cry?

Well the baby might need something like its diaper changed, hungry, needs to be burped, hurt, or maybe it just wants to cuddle! The baby may also have something wrong with it (MORE)
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How do you make a guy fall for you Or how do you make it so he cares that you love him?

Even if you've known this guy for a while, and you talk fairly often- I know how hard it is to tell if he wants to be more than a casual chatting buddy. If you've been friends (MORE)
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Why does baby cry?

Crying is the only way for a baby to express itself, the baby might cry because he/she is hungry, tired, lonely/wants attention, feeling uncomfortable, in pain, there are prob (MORE)
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When a baby starts to cry what are they crying about?

and they just want to cry and that they want they ass bust that home boy want a blunt.. They cry probably because they want something like to be changed,fed,or attention (MORE)
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Is TO a cry baby?

As in texting???...... I think so!!!
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What do you do about a boyfriend you love so much who doesnt care about you?

make him want to care, and if you really love him he will do the same i know it might be hard but break-up with him and find a different guy because once a guy lose's inter (MORE)
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Is it normal for a baby to cry for hours after being dropped at day care?

Oh, of course! Babies are naturally attached to their mothers, and still young, feel unprotected without them. My friend had a baby not too long ago, and even if she goes to t (MORE)
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Why do you always want to cry whenever you see someone you love or care about?

Crying during great emotion is a normal physical response. Many people cry when they are extremely happy or extremely sad. If you are finding that you are crying for no real r (MORE)
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When girls cry why do boys care so much?

We always care, but we hate to hurt girls hearts, and seeing a girl cry is the best and worst thing on the planet, seeing a girl cry makes me feel terrible inside and want to (MORE)
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Why are babies so cute and loves cuddels?

Babies are cute to the human mind because small chubby or round things trick the mind into being mesmerized. The mind gets so fixated on the small thing that you just want to (MORE)
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Why do babies cry when?

Babies can't talk, and they have very little influence over their situation. About the only thing they can do when they want something to change is to cry until an adult figur (MORE)
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What do you do when a baby cry?

try using a bottle babies cry for num,erous reasons. normally to get your attention that it needs somehting, dislikes something or something is just wrong in general. it can (MORE)
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What is gods loving care for all creation?

He loves everything in the world because he made it. He Loves everything equally. God doesn't favor one thing more than another He is equally loving.
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What do you do when a baby crys?

First check all of the normal stuff. Hungry? Thirsty? Tired? Hurt?Fever? None of that? Try holding that sweet little one close, rocking back and forth,and singing softly into (MORE)
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How do you make your baby sister stop crying so much?

Make her happy. Give her a lollipop or let her have whatever she wants. But tell her crying isn't right and next time she won't get it. If she is crying about something you c (MORE)
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What are some reasons for a baby crying?

There are many reasons that a baby might cry. Some reasons that a baby would cry could be if the child is tired or hungry. A baby may also cry if a diaper needs to be change (MORE)