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How do you make a weather vane?

Search yahoolagins and click the first one and search weather vane and click on the first one on the second part.
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How does bright sunlight make you sneeze?

Sunlight Sneezing I read/heard once that this was caused by the optic nerve being in close proximity to the trigiminifacial (sp?) nerve. The activity on the optic nerve when (MORE)
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Why does bright sunlight make you sneeze?

i have no idea. I think it's genetic because my grandfather and I both sneeze when we look at bright lights. Its not jus the sunlight, it's any bright light. One theory I h (MORE)
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Why does sunlight make you sneeze?

There are many reasons why sunlight makes you sneeze. You squintyour eyes causing tension in your sinus cavity causing the sneeze.
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What is in the sunlight that makes plants grow?

the Sun gives off radiation with can carry healthy nutrients to plants (the equivalent to food). The leaves on the plants absorb the nutrients and turn them into energy. The p (MORE)
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How does sunlight help make weather?

What sunlight does is it aids in the development of clouds, and can help with severe weather. What the sun does is it provides latent heat. Latent heat is heat that rises off (MORE)
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Do leaves make food with sunlight?

They dont make food with sunlight they simply produce energy. Plants get their food from the soil. The sunlight is essential for a process called photosynthesis. Please refe (MORE)
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How do you make toast with tinfoil and sunlight?

you just put a piece of bread on a piece of tinfoil and position a mirror towards the sunlight and watch the bread so you can flip it and so it doesn't burn
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What does a plant need sunlight to make?

Plants need sunlight because sunlight is an energy source where it helps plants and living creatures grow. Without sunlight no plants would grow!
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Why does sunlight makes your skin dark?

Melanin in your skin (pigmentation cells) turns your skin dark, as a protection from absorbing too much Ultra-Violet radiation from the sun.
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What makes sunlight?

The fusion of tons of hydrogen per second from the Sun reachs the Earth as light which is a form of energy.