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What are the main Characteristics of pantomime?

to be very good at miming when also acting, you have to stand out of the crowd and be the one who everyone has to focus on.. if you are looking for some music to fit with a p (MORE)
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What are the elements of pantomime?

A Pantomime Dame and A Best Boy Audience Participation Really Bad Jokes Often Folk Tales People act like animals i.e. Pantomime Horse
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What was the first pantomime?

It is generally believed that the first pantomimes involved cavemen/neanderthals in the reenactments of hunts.
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What is the difference between a musical and a pantomime?

A pantomime is a play ussually done at a local theatre nearchristmas time. Ussually a princess story like cinderella or peterpan. It can go wrong and it doesn't really matter. (MORE)
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How did pantomime start?

The origins of British Pantomime or "Panto" as it is known in the UK, date back to the middle ages, and blend the traditions of the Italian "Commedia dell' Arte, and the Briti (MORE)
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What are pantomimes?

pantomimes are plays of something that has already been made up e.g cinderella, beauty and the beast, oliver twist etc.
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Names of pantomimes?

Snow white cinderella aladdin a christmas carol sleeping beauty jack and the beanstalk dick whitington goldielockes and the tree bears little red riddig hood (MORE)
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How long is a pantomime?

Generally 2 and a half hours. This includes 2 one hour performances either side of a half hour interval.
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What characters are in pantomimes?

The Dame, The Principal Boy, The Principal Girl, Goodies and Baddies , Animals eg. Cow/Horse, The Ugly Sisters, The Chorus and Juveniles,
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How old do you have to be in a pantomime?

you can be any age but the younger you are the less hours you can do a week because it is illegal to as it is child labor.
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Why do you have Pantomimes?

The origins of Panto or pantomime are seated in the middle ages in the UK and some areas of France. The are a source of fun entertainment that took fairy stories and brought t (MORE)
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What does pantomime mean?

Pantomine can be a noun or a verb. As a noun, it is dramatic expression of meaning through gestures that are accompanied by music. It originated in Rome.. In Britain, it is (MORE)
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What is pantomime?

Pantomime is a type of theatre play where the actors don't use words, only gestures (mimics). . The act of conveying emotions, actions, and feelings without speech.. a) an (MORE)
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How do pantomimes works?

Pantomimes (...or panto's) are a unique type of British Art, in which men play women and women play men. Panto's are adapted from popular fairy tales, such as: Cinderella (. (MORE)
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How many pantomimes are there?

The three most commonly performed pantomimes are "Cinderella","Jack and the Beanstalk", and "Dick Whittington". Many otherpantomimes also exist.
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Why were pantomimes invented?

Pantomimes were invented for many different reasons. However the main reason why they were invented is to entertain an audience and to express a fairytail story in a different (MORE)
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Why is a pantomime called a pantomime?

The Latin word pantomimus was a mime actor, from Greek panto (all) and mimus (to mimic or copy). In one form of Roman theatrical pantomime, one actor played all the par (MORE)
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Is Pantomime a noun?

The word is used in many ways. It can be a noun, and it can be a verb. You have to see the word in context.
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What is a synonym for pantomime?

Synonyms for the verb to pantomime include: to Act, to Gesticulate, to Signal, and to Personate.
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Which is the most unpopular pantomime?

well, obviously ,if you are trying to find the most unpopular pantomime,nobody will know about that pantomime
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What is the purpose of pantomimes?

Pantomime in its original form was the art or technique of conveying emotion by gestures, but without speech. In England it is a Theatrical spectacle at Christmas adapted from (MORE)
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What is Pantomime Blanche?

Pantomine blanche is a type of mine where the actors paint out there objects using sound effect then act out the mine.
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What is the difference between a play and a pantomime?

Play- a dramatic composition or piece; dramaPantomime- the art or technique of conveying emotions with gestures instead of dialogue.Plays use speech to get their point across, (MORE)
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What are facts about pantomime?

In England, the word pantomime means a form of entertainment. The most popular ones being Cinderella, dick Whittington, jack and the beanstalk, snow white etc.. The pantomime (MORE)
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What are some good pantomime ideas?

a fashion show went bad have a model fall off stage, trip over her own shoes, or a cat walk fight
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What year were pantomimes first performed in?

They can mainly be traced back to the old 16th-century Italian commedia dell' arte tradition. However, the first use of the word 'pantomime' was in the Harlequin-inspired 'bal (MORE)
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Is a pantomime and mime the same thing?

A pantomime is the art of genre of conveying a story by bodily movements only. A Mime is an actor in a mime, or one who practices mime. A mime is also a short play without spe (MORE)
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Why do we boo a pantomime villain?

A pantomime villain in a play is an individual that despises the main character. One would 'boo' a pantomime villain because he is acting against the interests of the main cha (MORE)
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Is the pantomime Aladdin a noun?

The noun Aladdin is a proper noun , the name of acharacter in a story. A proper noun is always capitalized. The noun pantomime is a common noun , a generalword for a type of (MORE)