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How do you fix the cause of the computer or Internet Explorer to freeze up when you click on a link in email?

Clicking on a link in an E-Mail is a dangerous thing to do unless you are absolutely sure it is safe. The fact that it froze should sound an alarm. If your computer exhibits n (MORE)
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How do you shout or yell at someone in an email message?

To SHOUT AT SOMEONE IN AN EMAIL MESSAGE, you type your letter in CAPITALS, yes, in CAPITAL LETTERS. That really EMPHASISES THE WORDS, because they ARE BIGGER. You can also use (MORE)
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Why Is it important to use Email etiquette when composing Email messages?

Unlike a physical letter, which can be destroyed, an e-mail exists forever. All those warnings about not putting things on-line that you wouldn't want to show every future emp (MORE)
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Can you fax an email message to someone?

You sure can, just turn on your fax machine, have you email ready, print it off from your printer and go to the fax machine and enter the phone number.
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What is email message?

E-mail is Electronic Mail. Email contains a subject and message and is sent to one or more people.
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What is an email message?

E-mail or Email means Electronic Message. It is a written communication sent via the Internet.