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What does a super charger do?

Forced Induction . A supercharger forces compressed air into your engine. Just like a turbo but a turbo is spooled up by exhaust gas a supercharger is wound up by a belt.
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Who invented the charger?

The man that had more to do with the design, although he passed away a couple years ago was Carl Cameron. Great guy, I have several pictures of him sitting in my red Charger a (MORE)
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What is a charger?

As this question is filed under "Cooking Equipment Appliances and Utensils" the correct answer is that a "charge" or "charger" is a single use cylinder of compressed nitrous o (MORE)
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What is a Charger as in San Diego Chargers?

The Chargers original majority owner, Barron Hilton was the originator of the first credit card. The Chargers were named by him.
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Where did the chargers get their colors from?

IDK but i think the blue and gold might be relavent to the US navy colors. San Diego has the largest navy base in the country so that could be it, but never the less the color (MORE)
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How did the chargers get their name?

There are at least three theories, but which is correct is debatable. The most common theory, but probably the least likely to be correct, appears to be that the Chargers wer (MORE)
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Who are the chargers rivals?

Divisional rivals are the Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos, and Kansas City Chiefs. Notable conference rivals are the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, and Pittsburgh S (MORE)
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What is a desktop charger?

What is a desktop charger / charging station : Not to be confused with electric vehicle recharging station, a desktop chargeris a desktop organizer usually made from wood, th (MORE)
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Where can you get a laptop charger from?

Suggest entering the search word - match adapter to laptop - ongoogle. I found a place that's an adapter outlet using that searchterm. They make the adapters and chargers with (MORE)
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What is a trickle charger?

A battery charger that is outputting 1 amp or less is considered a trickle charger.
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How charger work?

charger work by the energy that powers it up. When it's powered up it can work and charge anything that the charger goes with.
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Does a DSI have a charger?

of coarse it does!!!!!! how would you charge your dsi then? the dsi charger also works for the dsiXL. it is a light grey color
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Where can your get i pod chargers?

You can certainly get them at the Apple store in person or online. I don't recommend this because it is pricey than other methods. I know people who have bought them off Amazo (MORE)
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What is the turbo charger?

A turbocharger is merely a supercharger ( an air pump on the intake manifold) to ram in the fuel air mixture at a higher quantity than normal) -that is driven by an exhaust ga (MORE)
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What type of charger is the Nexxtech charger?

The Nexxtech charger is a wall charger for iPod at homw while using an AC outlet, by connecting the MP3 player to the USB and plug in the outlet. It works for the iPod Classic (MORE)
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What does a gateway charger do?

A Gateway charger is a charger that is used for Gateway laptop computers. One can find these chargers for sale on websites such as Best Buy and Amazon.