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Can a 5 inch dick please a girl?

Absolutely! Sex is about more than penetration. It involves (or should involve) your whole body. Pay attention to the girl's reactions. You should know what turns her on, what (MORE)
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What part of the girls thing the dick go in?

The hole, most girls think that you pee out your hole, BUT girls actually pee out a little rectangular, square-ish thing. and the hole is for the dck to go in, and for the blo (MORE)
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Do girls like a shaved dick or hairy?

Most well kept attractive girls will expect a trimmed or shaved dick. It has been my experience once they get used to smooth or trimmed they will want to keep it that way. A (MORE)
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How do you make a girl want dick?

You can start off by kissing her and telling her how lovely & beautiful she looks. Simply start slow and as things begin to heat up, she'll eventually go down low ;)
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How can you tell if a girl sucks dick?

There is no "real way" to tell if a girl preforms oral sex or not, with the exception of just asking her if she does or does not. It is possible that previous boyfriends may i (MORE)
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Why do girls love guys with circumsizes dick?

Think of it this way. Given the choice, would you choose a girl with smaller breasts or a girl with bigger breasts? You would pick the woman with the bigger breasts, wouldn't (MORE)
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Do girls like dick deep in them?

Some do, some don't. A woman is probably not going to like being pounded hard by a guy who's penis is very long as he can strike the cervix, which feels about as nice to a wom (MORE)
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Do girls like thick or long dicks?

It depends on the kind of girl. All girls are different. Some like big, some like thick. But between im a girl and i like long dicks.