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Can wars be won?

A rhetorical question..... Technically, they can, as there is always someone who finishes a war in a better position than another, but even the victor except in rare cases as (MORE)
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What rhymes with won?

bun, done, fun, gun, pun, sun, ton. . some rhymes with won .. run. done, dunn, spun, fun, bun, sun, ton, one, none, pun, stun, shun fun, son, sun, bun, ton, run, spun, stu (MORE)
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Who won wilderness?

It was a stalemate, which Grant was able to transform in a strategic advantage, shifting south towards Richmond, outbalancing Lee, who was forced to hastily follow the Union A (MORE)
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Who won the game?

Well, the red sox probably won the game if they had not lost 56-98 I did what game? and whats up with the " i did " ?
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Who won at gallipoli?

Turkey successfully defended Gallipoli, and won this campaign.. The mostly British, Australian and New Zealander forces were withdrawn from the Gallipoli Peninsula after a se (MORE)
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Who has won Wimbledon?

As there are too many to list on this website, refer to to the Wimbledon website, below.
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Who won fredricksburg?

The Battle of Fredericksburg (Virginia), fought in December of1862, was won by a Confederate army led by General Robert E. Lee.In a five-day struggle, the Southern troops held (MORE)
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Who won an Oscar?

Tom Hanks Sally Field Anthony Hopkins John Lennon Jodie Foster Tommy Lee Jones Peter Jackson Steven Speilberg Al Pacino Jack Nicholson Matt Damon Ben Affleck Robin Williams Ru (MORE)
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Who won the gymnastics?

Nastia Liukin won 1st place all aroundShawn Johnson won 1st place beamand bars this Chinese girl won even though nastia and a Chinese girl tied which was so unfair! vault im s (MORE)
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How is soccer won?

soccer is won by the team with the most points at the end of the game.
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Won won the Civil War?

In England, the Civil War was won by the Roundheads. In America, the Civil War was won by the northern (UNION) from the civil war in American no single side won America and B (MORE)
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Who won idol?

American idol is not over yet for season 9, but it will be over and we will find out who will win next week: May 26th, Wednesday Our finalists are Crystal Bowersox and Lee D (MORE)
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How the west was won?

The West was "won' through early pioneers and settlers thattraveled west to claim the land. Most pioneers went West foropportunities for land and the opportunity to find gold. (MORE)
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Why the north won?

the north won the civil war is that it had several economic advantages. For instance, in 1860 the population in the North was about 22 million while in the South was about 9 m (MORE)
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Who won TDA?

Duncan won Total Drama Action however on Cartoon where the videos show they had a alternate ending when with 100% shock Beth won! (Not for real you guys) But (MORE)
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What has everton won?

First divison 9 times Second divison once Fa cup 5 times Community shield 9 times Liverpool senior cup 45 times Cup winner cup once
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Who won in AVP2?

the humans and the predators won although it was mostly the aliens the whole movie and the half alien half predator. I guess it depends though because only a couple humans sur (MORE)
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Who won the Trojan war and how was it won?

It is said that the GREEKS won the Trojan war. It is also said that they won it in a big woodan horse. Do you know WHY it was called the Trojan war? If No, it is called (MORE)
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Who won the disneychannelgames2008?

The RED TEAM!!!! That was my favorite team. Members include:Brenda Song, Nick Jonas,Mitchel Musso,Anna Maria Perez de Tagle,Deniz Akdeniz(austrailiandude) Jason Earles,Jake T. (MORE)
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Who has won with titleist?

Hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of players. On the four major tours each week you would find maybe three of the players won with a Titleist ball.
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Is it I beat you or I won you?

I beat you at chess. This can be a rather inflated statement in the present tense suggesting that it is a given: I always beat you at chess. It can also be a statement of fact (MORE)
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Who won in transformers?

In Tranformers 1 the autobots won decisevely . transformers 2 decepticons nearly won but autobots hauled @$$ and won still
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Who won the olmpicks?

I'm sorry if this offers no help, but first of all what year do youmean? There have been hundreds of years of olympics so that is notnear specific enough. Second, which season (MORE)
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Who won gold?

It depends on what sport you are talking about. See the link provided for the results from the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.
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Who has won jeopardy?

According to Wikipedia Jeopardy has had over 8700 episodes of just the American Jeopardy show and almost 6,000 of those are the current syndication show which began on Septemb (MORE)
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Who won the war?

The North - that is, the Union, or the states that had remained loyal. The South (the Confederates) lost the war.
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Who won at wrestlemania26?

ShowMiz retained their unified Tag Team Titles against R Truth and John Morrison, Jack Swagger won MITB, Triple H beat Sheamus, Rey Mysterio beat CM Punk, Randy Orton beat Ted (MORE)
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Who won at sharksburg?

If the question asks about the battle of Sharpsburg , (Antietem) in September 1862, the confederate Army of northern Virginia under Gen. Lee and the Union Army of the Potomac (MORE)
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How many wons were won by the Titanic?

The Titanic was not a battle ship. It only sailed once, sinking on its maiden voyage after crashing into an iceberg.
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Who won on bridalplasty?

It hasn't been officially announced, but it was Allyson. I posted on her official facebook site and she took it down within minutes, because I'm sure there is some type of con (MORE)
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Who won Basketball?

Many NBA teams have won the Champoinship for the season. Mostly the Boston Celtics and the Lakers have won.
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Is that won a preposition?

No. The words "that won" form a relative clause where "that" is a relative pronoun, not a preposition. Notice that it is followed by a verb (won), not a noun.
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Who won The Voice?

Season 4 (June 2013): Danielle Bradbery Season 3 (Dec 2012): Cassadee Pope Season 2 (May 2012): Jermaine Paul Season 1 (June 2011): Javier Colon
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What is the plural of won?

Won is the plural of won, when you're speaking about the noun form which is the standard monetary unit of North or South Korea.
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What was the crusades and who won?

The Crusades were a series of religious battles between Christians and Muslims to win possession of the holy land of Jerusalem. The Crusades were ultimately won by the Muslims (MORE)